Mutually Challenging

By Ainm


A/N: Blair has a long night ahead of him. I'd warn for BDSM, but it's only 200 words long, how objectionable can it really be? :-) Perhaps I should warn that as usual, no actual sex manages to take place. :-)


"I told you not to move. I don't think you're listening very well tonight, are you, Jim?"

The immediate stillness in the body before him was gratifying, but Blair could tell it wouldn't last.

He pumped Jim's cock hard, just once, and watched unsurprised as Jim's hips rose off the bed.

"Are you trying to defy me, or do you just need some help after this bitch of a week?" Blair mused in a conversational tone that didn't disguise the steel beneath the words.

At the look of abject apology on Jim's face, Blair stifled a sigh and reached for the restraints under the bed.

The involuntary resistance just showed Blair how much Jim needed to give in to the release of tension their play offered. Tough, but worth it for us both, he thought as he fastened the cuff around Jim's left ankle.

Leaning across his partner's body to reach the other ankle, Blair detoured to mouth Jim's balls. Cockring, he decided at the soft moan that Jim let escape and the pulse his cock gave.

I've got my work cut out for me, Blair thought, bending to retrieve their toy box. But I've always loved a good challenge.


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