New Beginnings Part 6
by Ainm





A/N: I swear, this will be the last installment of New Beginnings that takes place on New Year's Day. At least, I think it will be... :-) Previous installments archived on my site.



The aroma of the chili simmering on the stove gave the loft a relaxed and cozy feeling.

Jim sat comfortably on one end of the sofa, tossing the occasional "helpful suggestion" to the college kids playing their hearts out in the bowl game on TV, munching on the baked potato chips that he wouldn't admit to Sandburg were really not that bad, and nursing his second beer.

Blair sat cross-legged on the other end, occasionally snagging one of Jim's chips, occasionally catching a play in the game, but mainly meandering through random trails of data on the net with his laptop.

"Hey Jim, did you know that Italy ranks fourth in world cheese production, with 972,000 metric tons per year?"

Jim looked away from the TV to shake his head fondly at Blair. "Nope."

Blair smiled, and turned his attention back to the web.

"We're good, right Chief?" Jim asked suddenly.

Blair looked back up at his partner and smiled again. "Yeah, man, we're fine."

Jim nodded and went back to the game. Blair watched him for a moment longer, then got up to stir the chili.





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