No Idea

By Ainm


Category: LOL - well, Jim thinks it's gen... and het is mentioned... it's a little complicated, except for it isn't... ;-)

A/N: An ode to the awesome cluelessness of Jim. :-) There's a chance it might be continued, but I haven't a clue what happens next, so we'll have to see if one of them lets me know. :-)


He treated this like a stakeout, or a recon mission. He made sure he had supplies -- a thermos of coffee, some snacks decidedly lacking the Sandburg seal of approval, a book to read during any dull parts, a newspaper to obscure his face if need be...

He didn't anticipate needing the newspaper, as his senses let him park well enough down the street that he oughtn't be noticed, not in this piece-of-shit subcompact.

It was the car that had decided him, actually. He'd known that he'd be too noticeable in the truck, but when it went into the garage for a few days following a chase (which Jim anticipated approximately six more days of teasing about) and they'd given him this completely nondescript little sedan as a loaner, well, he knew it was time.

There was only one thing Jim didn't know, one detail in this whole scheme that was eluding him...


He'd already run a background check on her, and it turned up nothing worse than a few parking tickets at the U. She didn't give off any serial killer or con artist or drug dealer vibes, and he could come up with nothing that would make him suspicious that she was anything other than what she appeared to be -- a perfectly nice sociology TA.

So if he wasn't afraid she was about to engage in some sudden nefarious activity, why did she upset him so much? Why did his teeth clench every time Sandburg tossed a "Gonna hang out with Lisa, man, catch you later!" over his shoulder as he headed out the door? Why did his stomach churn every time he smelled her on his partner?

He had no idea.

And that was probably the answer to why he was parked down the street from her apartment building on this stakeout, this reconnaissance run, listening to them eat pasta and discuss the politics of urban renewal and gossip about mutual acquaintances at Rainier.

Finding out why he was here was why he was here, with his hearing extended to a remarkable degree because when the target was his partner, it wasn't as hard as he thought it would be to hear all the way into her second-floor studio.

He'd figure it out if he had to sit here all night, he told himself. After all, he was a detective.


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