No Resolution

By Ainm


Rating: G

A/N: I wrote something! Woo! It's been about a month since I finished anything, so I'm excited. Yeah, so I wrote it in 10 minutes -- I'm afraid if I start second-guessing it won't ever stay finished, so here is a little New Year's piece. It could seem a little angsty, but Blair was feeling quite centered and content when he wrote it. Um, thought it. Thought it to me. Maybe I need some sleep...


I'm normally all for New Year's resolutions. It doesn't matter which New Year, either -- I like to celebrate them all, because I'm a big believer in new starts. Normally.

This year, though, as I realized my possible resolutions were all running in a similar vein, I decided maybe I need to lay off the resolving. It doesn't really matter what I resolve to do or become, how I resolve to act or look, what I'm really hoping for will find me or it won't.

I'm assuming it won't -- it's been years already, I think Jim would have noticed by now if he were harboring a secret passion for me.

But I can't let that change who I am, and, maybe even more importantly, I can't let that change who we are. Because who we are, as a team, is so much more than I could ever have hoped for, ever strived for with some New Year's resolution.

vMaking a resolution with a goal of advancing what we have makes it seem like what we have isn't good enough. And that's so not true! Yeah, maybe I do wish that Jim could feel for me the way I feel for him, but never at the expense of our current relationship.

So I'm not going to resolve anything this year, I'm just going to enjoy my life and our partnership, however it comes to me.

Shit, that sounds like a resolution...


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