Obligatory Sweatshirt Story
by Ainm





A/N: My rather silly, all-dialog homage to the beloved fanon staple of "shirt pilfered in order to feel closer to the object of his affection." Another one of the "everybody's got to do it at least once and now it's my turn" ventures in Sentinel-land for me. :-) I didn't, however, manage to use the obligatory line of "and never returned to him," so here it is in the note. ;-)



"Are you sure you haven't seen it, Chief? I know I put it in the hamper."

"The thing was so ratty, it probably dissolved in the wash."

"Ratty?! No, it was... weathered. Lived-in."





"Jim! You're home early!"

"Observant, Sandburg. But you're obviously a good observer, since you apparently observed my ratty sweatshirt wherever it was lost... and you thoughtfully decided to keep it warm for me, is that it?"

"Um... I was, ah, doing the laundry, and there it was, and I..."

"You're obfuscating."



"I... love this color?"

"Try again."

"I was out of clean clothes?"

"One, you said you were doing laundry. Two, that isn't clean."


"Blair, stop bullshitting me. Why are you wearing a dirty sweatshirt you took from me?"

"I... I just..."

"OK, let me say two things, since I've finally made you speechless. First, if the answer to the second is no, then we'll both pretend this conversation never happened. OK?"


"Then second... does it help if I tell you that I've got one of your dirty flannel shirts in my closet?"

"It helps, man -- it really helps."

"So, Chief... do you have anything on under that sweatshirt?"

"Oh, Jim..."





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