Ocean Blue

by ALF



Blair Sandburg, anthropologist-turned-detective, Guide and Shaman to the Sentinel of the Great City, partner and lover of Jim Ellison turned from his contemplation of the ocean to look at said partner. Finally he was able to confirm a long-held theory about Jim. His eyes really were the crystal blue colour of the Caribbean water lapping at their feet on the sandy white beach where they currently reclined.

By his side, Jim Ellison Ranger-turned-detective, Sentinel of the Great City, partner and lover of Blair Sandburg turned to look at his Guide and Shaman at the exact same moment. They shared a loving smile that spoke volumes and Jim confirmed a long-held theory of his own. His partner's eyes were the dark blue colour of the depths of the Caribbean ocean as seen through Sentinel vision.

They came together in a deep, tender kiss, saying more with their mouths than mere words ever could. Together, forever, blue on blue, jaguar and wolf, for all of eternity and beyond.


The End



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