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Rating: G

A/N: Episode "Cypher" re-written, eventually to involve H/C. I have more, just didn't post if you want it, let me know. I mean, wasn't that episode supposed to end *differently*? C'mon, guys.


Jim looked down through broken wood and clouds of dust with grim satisfaction. Lash's body lay at a macabre angle.

The fucking bastard was dead. Finally, truly completely dead. As an officer, an ex-Ranger, he identified Lash as a known killer who had been shot dead with the use of justified force. Heartbeat and breath both stopped within seconds. But Jim was feeling metaphorical, and he considered Lash crushed under the wheels of justice. No more victims, no more yellow scarves.

Even as he stood, white-knuckled, over his fallen foe, Jim paused and gathered Sandburg's heartbeat into his consciousness. It had slowed to a lethargic thump…thump. What little of the drug Lash had managed to dribble past Sandburg's lips was taking its toll. He should get back up there.

Upstairs, Blair had been nearing unconsciousness rapidly. The staccato sounds of the struggle had blurred. His panic had been dulled, as well. Absently, he wiggled at the ropes around his hands and feet. Blair felt trippy, drifting. A gunshot snapped through his hearing. Either Jim or Lash would come for him. A grin pulled at his lips. Didn't matter now, he was already underwater. Here come the ducks….

Jim busted through the doorway moments later. He swiped a palm across his scalp, trying for calm professionalism. This was an immediate failure. "Chief! Blair!" Jim roared, fishing for signs of consciousness with all of his senses.

Sandburg's head lolled to one side, hanks of that ridiculous dark hair twisted every which way. His eyes were closed, features slack. Jim stomped over to the dentist's chair. Hell. Lash had definitely been off the deep end. Only pricks like him tied their victims to dentist's chairs. Just for good measure.

As he undid the ropes at Sandburg's feet, the squad and EMTs rolled in, as if on cue. Jim, crouched back on his heels and gave them a collective Ellison glare. "Hmph. The calvary at last." He collected his thoughts, someone had to get this show on the road. "Well, boys perp's body's in the basement. Take the fire escape and use some rope. Not worth breaking a leg over." As the uniforms trooped out, Jim confronted the pair in medical greens. "Wilkins, you call forensics about the sedative? His vitals have dropped."

"Yes, sir, said it'll have to wait for the hospital. "S some pretty hot shit here, but they should be able to handle it. Shouldn't wait on the O2 though." Wilkins strapped on a oxygen mask as his partner lifted Sandburg carefully, watching the angle of his head. The Sentinel almost shuddered in relief. If he had been twenty minutes later….he growled trying to erase the image of a chalky yellow-beribboned Blair....

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