by Castalie

When I decided to take some days off at my cabin, I hoped Simon Banks would be at his. We'd met some years ago when I first came here, and the man was good company.

So imagine my disappointment when I saw he'd brought the two fags with him. The idea of spending my vacation with their kind really pissed me off, and I decided to avoid them as much as possible, while still visiting with Simon. He wasn't responsible for his friends' sickness, right? I knew Banks was a real man, at least.

Seeing the two 'lovers' was as bad as I thought.

They touched all the time, without shame. To actually think Ellison was a *cop*. A man who got off fucking another man up the ass was supposed to protect *my* back? Disgusting.

The scene in front of me was just a perfect illustration.

They were all outside. Simon was standing, looking down at the pair. Ellison was on his knees, still as a statue. The kid was kneeling in front of him, a calm and determined look on his face. He spoke to Ellison constantly. I couldn't hear what he was saying, and I was glad. The little perv was stroking Ellison, too, hair, face, neck and shoulders, then back to the hair again.

I didn't know what game they were playing at, but it made me uncomfortable. Such intimacy between two men shouldn't exist.

Why was I still watching?

Two words : 'car wreck'. You can't help watching, as disgusting at it might be.

And what was the kid doing, now! Licking... he was licking Ellison's wrists and palms. Boy was I going to have interesting things to tell the guys at work! What was the problem with those two, anyway? Ellison still hadn't moved an inch, and the kid seemed to get a little pissed now. Sandburg wriggled his fingers in the air, saying something that had Simon laughing, then he leaned forward.

I should have realized what he was doing, I didn't- and you can't blame a normal person for not seeing it coming.

The kiss was soft. Nothing passionate, thank God. It almost reminded me of how my wife sometimes kissed me, but it just wasn't the same. Couldn't be.

Damn if Ellison didn't open his eyes as soon as the kid's lips touched his. James Ellison had just turned into Sleeping Fucking Beauty! Apparently, he'd decided he wanted even more contact. He buried his hands in the kid's hair as if he never intended to let go. This was definitely getting too heavy.

Suddenly, Ellison focused on me. His eyes turned cold, then it was the kid's turn. Sandburg frowned at me, looking both disappointed and... sad?

What was happening, here? They were looking at me as if I was to be murdered or pitied. Who did they think they were?

*They* were the perversion. Not me... never me!


The End



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