Pins and Needles

By Ronneem


Characters: Rafe, Henri


"So, what's up, bro?" Henri Brown asked gleefully as he stepped into the hospital room. He froze, staring at his partner in shock. He had known his friend would be bored, locked away in the hospital for so long, but this was... not what he expected.

With a sigh, Rafe glanced at the clock. He had not lost track of time, Henri was almost two hours early. Carefully finishing a stitch, he set the small piece of silk aside.

"That's... it's sewing," Brown goggled at the thread and needles.

"It's called needlepoint." Rafe replied, pulling out a finished piece and offering it to his friend.

"It's... well... pretty." Brown admitted softly as he studied the iridescent dragon. "Hey, that goes with Sylvie's set."

"It's her Christmas present. You can't tell her," Rafe insisted quietly, his eyes locked on his best friend.

"You made all them things?" Amazement and delight filled Henri's eyes as he studied his partner curiously. He had heard lots from his wife about the mysterious artist who had made the dragons she got from Rafe on special occasions. He smiled as he started to consider how this could benefit him.


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