Reminders 2

By Selena

Blair gave out a loud sigh as he began to pack his things into yet another box. He was moving again, for what seemed like the 100th time this year. In reality it was the 3rd, but he didn’t mind he was used it. None of his subsequent moves had affected him as much as ‘that’ one had, he had made sure that nowhere had felt like a home to him, he couldn’t go through that again. He looked around his Spartan apartment satisfied that it wouldn’t take him long to pack up what little he had. He rarely allowed himself the luxury of owning stuff that he didn’t really need. He had packed away all the ‘big’ stuff, the artifacts he was holding for the University were safely in storage, waiting for him to get settled again before he brought them out to resume his study. It was just papers left here now, anything else could be left behind. He put the last file in the box and picked it up, ready to move it over to the open door with the rest of his stuff. The bottom fell out before he was half way there. Blair rolled his eyes and let out a colorful stream of curses as he let the rest of the box fall. He went to get another one, this time checking to make sure that the bottom was secure before returning to the mess on the floor. And there it was, sitting on a pile of old papers. A lone photo, the last reminder of his first and last home. The Blair in this picture looked so happy and so proud of his friend, Jim proudly showed of his newly acquired cop of the year award. They both stood tall, smiling for the camera, sentinel and guide against the world. Funny how a few years can change a person, or two. Blair tried to shrug it of and throw the photo in the trash like he had done with the rest of them, but his fingers didn’t want to let go. Dammit, he didn’t want to let go. Tears began to blur his vision; forcefully he tried to wipe them away. His friend Rob would be here in a minute to help him move, and as much as he liked the guy he didn’t want Rob to see him cry. But the tears kept falling. He looked again at the offending photo.

“Damn you, Jim” He whispered to the smiling face. “Where the hell did we go wrong man?”





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