Rhythm #2
by Ainm



A/N: The 2nd of two pieces related only by rhythms.



"You just have no sense of rhythm, man," Blair laughed as Jim stumbled over his foot for the third time.

"Shut up, Sandburg. Do you want me to try this dancing thing or not?"

"I do, I do," Blair assured him as they began to move rather stiltedly around the loft once more. "Come on, relax, let yourself feel the music, feel me."

"I do feel you, and the music. And I do have rhythm -- I just don't like dancing."

Pulling Blair tightly to him, Jim stopped moving his feet and began thrusting his pelvis against his partner in perfect time to the music.

"OK, OK, you win," Blair told his partner with a smile, meeting his thrusts with his own. "I love your rhythm."






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