By Ainm


PG for language

A/N: This is the (a?) sequel to Unseen Truths -- several of you asked for the Bunny backstory, and this hints at it and also addresses what happens when, as you know had to happen, Jim finds out. :-) Thanks to everyone who commented, and especially Vamysteryfan for pointing out that Naomi would probably be involved. :-)


I knew it was a mistake. I wasn't going to be gone long, though, and I really wanted Jim and my mom to be able to get along -- how much trouble could they get into in the time it took me to run down to Collette's for some fresh bread?

Of course the moment I had that thought, I picked up the pace -- who knew what they might get into?

As I reached our floor, I was relieved not to hear the sound of violence, not that I really thought they would come to blows, but still...

But as I opened the door, two crusty French loaves tucked in the crook of my left arm, I heard something even worse.

"He was just so cute , everyone at the commune thought so, and full of boundless, bouncy energy..."

"Sticking his twitchy little bunny nose into everything too, I'm sure."

"But of course!"


"Oh hi, sweetie! I was just telling Jim --"


"What is it, Bunny?"

"Shut up, Jim. Naomi, I can't believe you told him about that!"

"But you were such a sweet baby, honey!"

"I'm sure you were, Bunny."

"Shut up, Jim. I knew it was a mistake to leave you two alone together -- this is even worse than the baby pictures!" I glared at the both of them, but Jim just laughed.

"Oh sweetie, I don't know what's so bad about it -- 'Bunny' is such a cute nickname!"

Jim laughed again. Bastard.

"Mom, I really don't think my image needs any extra cute added, thanks."

"It could be worse," Jim offered. "You could have been, oh, I don't know, Caterpillar, or... Moonface, or... or... Peacebottom."

"Peacebottom?!?" We both looked at him like he'd lost his mind, which apparently he had.

Suddenly Jim just fell apart laughing, great rumbles of laughter coming from deep inside of him. I couldn't remember ever hearing him sound so uninhibited and just, well, happy -- sure, he laughed, but never like this. I couldn't help but smile at him, even though I was still annoyed.

When he finally wound down, Jim reached for the bread that I was still holding.

"Come on, Peacebottom, let's get supper ready."

As I followed my now relaxed-looking partner into the kitchen, I realized that while yes, there was a worse nickname than Bunny, I hadn't really made a mistake after all.


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