Clear Skies

By Sunglow66


Rating: G

Author Notes: Follow up to my challenge response this week Stormy Weather. The fishing trip (for those of you who were wondering if Blair wins).


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Jim's internal body clock woke him at four o'clock; just before the alarm was due to go off. Easing himself carefully into a sitting position, he reached over and switched the clock/radio alarm to the off position. Looking down, all he could see of Blair was the top of his head; the rest of him was buried beneath the duvet and pillows.

Sliding back down, he snuggled up behind Blair and buried his nose in the back of his neck, breathing in the scent of his lover.

Blair stirred and brought his arm back to pat Jim on his flank before pulling the duvet further round himself.

"Chief? It's time to get up." Jim murmured, rubbing his hand through the soft hair of Blair's chest.

"Noooo." Blair tried to bury himself further into the bed. "Nice and warm."

"Why don't I have a shower, put the coffee on? You can have ten more minutes."

"Love you, Jim." Still half asleep, Blair brought Jim's hand up to his mouth and kissed the palm before letting it drop back to his chest.

"Love you too, Chief." Smiling indulgently, Jim slid out of bed, making sure the covers remained tucked round Blair, and padded downstairs to make the coffee before going to have his shower.

Ten minutes later he headed back upstairs with two mugs of coffee and placed them on the bedside table. He dressed quickly and laced up his boots before making the attempt to get his lover out of bed.

"Chief? You've had your ten minutes." He pulled the duvet down to expose Blair to the morning air.

"Wha' time izzit?"

"Four twenty." Jim checked the clock as well as his watch.


"Here, sit up."

Blair heaved himself into a sitting position and took the mug Jim held out.

Breathing in the heady aroma of fresh coffee, he took a gulp and smacked his lips.

"Heaven." He breathed.

"I'm hurt, Chief. Last night you said my arms were heaven." Jim pretended to pout.

"I can't be held responsible for anything I say when my brains are mush."

"Aw Chief, are you saying I turn your brains to mush?" Jim leaned close and dropped a kiss on the top of Blair's curls.

"Just you wait, big guy. It'll be your turn to have your brains turned to mush tonight." Blair finished his coffee and stretched.

"Nuh uh, Chief, have you forgotten Simon? He'll be in the room next door."

"So, you'll just have to keep quiet." Blair threw back the covers and dashed down the stairs to the bathroom.

"Chief? I am not making love with you with Simon right next door!" Jim called over the

railings. "Chief? You hear me?"

All he got for an answer was a laugh.

Half an hour later they were both ready, their bags waiting by the door; their fishing gear already in Jim's truck.

"Simon's just pulled up." Jim passed Blair his jacket.

"Where's my hat?" Blair looked round frantically trying to see where his denim fishing hat was.

"On the kitchen table, Chief."

"Good, mustn't forget my new fly."

"You know that Simon's going to make your life hell if you catch a fish, don't you?"

"Uh huh. But it'll be worth it." Blair put his hat on and grinned. "Especially if I take pictures as well."

"He's gonna make me help hide your body if you do that, Chief. Come on, let's go."

Simon had his bag and fishing gear out of his car and was waiting by Jim's truck when they got downstairs.

"Come on, people, the fish are waiting." He admonished and Jim hurried to open the truck, quickly stowing their things in the back.

"I see you were right about that storm, Jim."

"You didn't get caught did you, Simon?" Blair scooted over into the middle of the seat to let Simon get in.

"Got home just before the skies opened."

"We watched from the balcony."

"It cleared the air, anyway."


They'd been driving for half an hour and were on a switchback when the sun started to come up.

"Jim! Stop the truck!" Blair suddenly said.

"What?" Jim slammed on the brakes. "What's up?"

"Look, man." Blair pointed.

"What are we looking at, Sandburg?" Simon asked, looking to where he was pointing.

"Look at that sunrise! Have you ever seen anything so glorious?"

Blair motioned for Simon to get out of the truck and, sighing, he did as Blair ordered.

Jim checked behind him before pulling off onto the dirt beside the road and got out as well.

"Nature at her best. It's gonna be a glorious day." Blair sighed as the sun rose over the horizon, turning the sky red. They watched in silence as the sky gradually lightened, the red turning to pink, then a hazy yellow before finally a pale blue.

As one they turned back to the truck and Simon asked if there was any coffee.

"Here." Blair leaned over the back of the seat and pulled out his backpack. He opened it and removed a thermos of coffee and three foil wrapped packets.

"Bacon roll." He said, handing them out.

"I thought you didn't let Jim have bacon." Simon took a big bite and closed his eyes in ecstasy at the taste.

"It's turkey bacon." Jim also took a big bite, for once not minding that it wasn't proper bacon; the early morning air had given him an appetite.

Blair poured two cups of coffee and handed one to Simon before taking a sip out of the other. He handed it off to Jim and took a bite of his own roll and they all finished in companiable silence.


An hour later they were pulling up outside of Stephen's cabin. Jim unlocked it and opened a couple of windows to let in some fresh air while Simon and Blair carried in their things. It had been cleaned in preparation for their visit and the fridge stocked with the bare necessities of milk, bread, eggs, butter and beers.

"You can unpack later, Jim, break out your gear. The fish are waiting." Simon was already out the door.

"Go with Simon, Jim, I'll put our stuff away." Blalr shooed Jim out when he saw that Jim was torn between going with Simon and putting everything neatly away.

"You sure, Chief?"

"Go. You can rearrange everything when you've had your fishing fix."

"But only after I've had my Blair fix." Jim landed a short but through kiss on Blair's mouth and then followed after Simon.

Jim was on the riverbank a hundred yards down stream when Blair came out with his fishing pole half an hour later. Simon was upstream, in up to his thighs, and already a six-pound trout lay on the riverbank by his things.

Blair carefully attached his new fly, baited the hook and, remembering all of Jim's lessons, cast towards a calm, sheltered part of the river.


Simon and Jim looked up to see Blair struggling with his pole. It was bent and the line was taught; it looked like he'd caught something.

Jim reeled in his line and put his gear down before racing to where Blair was fighting his catch.

"Give it some line, Chief, then reel it in, wear it out." He advised from behind him.

Simon had waded over to where they were and was holding the net ready.

"Looks like a big one, Sandburg."

"Careful, Chief." Jim was itching to help but realised Blair had to do this on his own.

Long tense moments passed as Blair fought with the fish until all of a sudden it gave up and allowed him to reel it in.

"Would you look at that." Jim whistled as Simon scooped it up and carried it to the bank. Blair removed the hook and Jim took his pole, stowing it carefully away.

"Looks like I caught your twelve pounder, Simon." Blair grinned, holding the fish up for Jim to take a photograph before releasing it back into the river.

"I'll catch it another time, Sandburg. Well done." Simon was gracious in defeat.

"Hope you're in good voice, Simon." Blair took the fly off his line and attached it to his hat again.

"What do you mean, Sandburg?"

"I remember a certain Captain saying something to the effect, and I quote, 'Sandburg, if you catch anything with that fly I'll stand buck naked in the middle of the river and sing Yankee Doodle Dandy.' With the emphasis on 'anything'. I seem to think I caught something, Simon."

"Now, Sandburg, you wouldn't hold me to that, would you?"

"Simon, would I make you stand in the river buck naked? Of course not!"

Simon breathed a sigh of relief. It looked like Blair was going to let him off. Until he heard his next words.

"I'll let you keep your shorts on."


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