Coming and Going

By Paula C.

That's that way it had been for the last two weeks, a two long weeks. One of them getting up early and then one of them getting into bed late. Sometimes it was him, sometimes it was Blair, but never together, never having cuddles or kisses before falling asleep.

Jim thanked that it was now at an end. This time it was he, coming home late from a stake out.

He had already taken off his shirt and put it in the dirty clothes hamper. He sat on the edge of the bed, his jeans open. His cock stirred, feeling the cool air hit it though the opening of his boxers.

Looking over to his bedmate, he wondered what he would say if he started nuzzling him while he slept. Blair was sprawled out on his side of the bed, sleeping on his stomach, his face facing away from him, leaving the trail of curly hair on the pillow.

Damn he needed to find his center. It had been to long since he had touched Blair.

Jim stood up and shucked his jeans and boxers, throwing them on top of the growing pile of laundry that sometime soon had to be done.

He lifted the cool sheet and lay down in the bed.

Tomorrow. He was off for the next two days. Blair had his weekend off from school.

Yeah, no more coming and going's, tomorrow, he would be home with the one he loves.


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