Court Days

By Audra Rose


Summary: It's fun to try new things.

Notes: This is new for me, too. I needed a break from the longer stuff. And it was Maaaaa's idea. (hehehehehe)


He loves the days that he has to spend in court, because like some kind of reward for the hours of restless boredom he gets to come home to Blair - Blair, who never lets him get past loosening his tie before they are somehow on the bed, touching each other in the golden early-evening light.

"Why?" he asks on this night, whispering the words into Blair's mouth. "Not that I'm complaining…"

Then Blair is turning him, rolling with him until he can feel Blair's weight all along the length of his body; until he can see Blair lean back to smile at him, that private smile that always sends slow tendrils of lust down his spine.

"I like the tie," Blair says, fingers skating over blue silk and the taut muscle beneath. He sits back, a warm, hardening weight against Jim's hips.

"I like the shirt," Blair says, palms running over soft white cotton and hard nipples, then up Jim's arms until they are splayed above his head, elbows loose and wrists crossed. Blair's eyes change as he looks at Jim, the pupils growing darker in the setting sun's light.

"I like… how you look." He curls Jim's fingers around the railing behind the bed, and his voice drops to a low whisper. "Like this." Blair lifts one hand to finger Jim's tie, and Jim's throat tightens.

Jim swallows hard.

"Then tie me up," he whispers.


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