Damn Good Times

By Ainm


Category: slash, though you could read it as really friendly gen :-)

Rating: PG for language

A/N: Teeny tiny silly fluffy thing, a song fic though not precisely songfic. :-) Set right now, so obviously well past TSbyBS. All credit, praise, and glory go to They Might Be Giants. :-) The notes continue on endlessly under the cut and are probably longer than the ficlet. It also doesn't really have anything to do with amnesia, it's just in the song -- but this is what I think of whenever I think of amnesia these days. :-)

Note: If you haven't heard the cool & fantastically catchy song "Damn Good Times" off They Might Be Giants' latest album The Spine, well, you're missing out :-), but also you need to know a couple of things about it for this to make sense. :-) Know that the chorus includes "as she leaves the store, as she leaves the store, all the people applaud" interleaved with "damn good times" -- and it's apparently impossible to listen to the song much without finding yourself beginning to chant "damn good times" and burst out with "all the people applaud" at bizarre times. :-) You can hear all the relevant bits of the song on the sample at amazon (just scroll down to track 13 & pick your format). But even if you hate the song, the snippet is still a fun "slice of life," I hope. :-)


"When my friend got amnesia, she can't remember the shows she saw

Like the one with the guy with amnesia who got off of the island on a helicopter"

"You sure listen to some weird shit, Sandburg," Jim commented as he pulled the truck into the parking garage. He turned the sound on the CD player down, but not off, since it was his partner's day to pick the music.

"What the hell is this song about, anyway?"

"Well, it--"

"No, never mind, I don't want to know," Jim interrupted as they got out of the truck and headed for the elevator.

Blair just shook his head.


Blair could hear Jim humming very quietly as they walked back to the truck that evening, but he couldn't quite catch the tune. As Jim buckled up, however, the words broke free.

"All the people applaud," he sang, then snapped his mouth closed with a look of surprise.

Blair laughed. "It is a catchy song, you've got to admit."

Jim glanced at his partner with a smirk.

"Well, Chief, sometimes weird shit does grow on you," he said, and squeezed Blair's thigh.

Blair snorted, and gave an affectionate but vigorous punch to his partner's arm as Jim turned the key in the ignition.

"Damn good times," he agreed with the song as the CD resumed. And for once, Jim sang along too, all the way home.


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