By Moonglow


There are many definitions; fibs, tall tales, obfuscations (my personal favourite), but to most people they're lies. Big ones, little ones, they're all the same to some people. But everyone does it, don't they? Show me a man who says he always tells the truth and I'll show you a liar. Just look at the amount of lawyers out there.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, definitions. The dictionary states that a lie is an intentional false statement, meaning to deceive. I'm sure most people don't think of it like that. Hey, if it doesn't hurt anyone, what's the harm, eh? The little ones don't really matter; you know, the 'hey, the new hairstyle suits you' and 'my dog ate my homework'. Okay, I'm familiar with the last one, because there used to be a chart on the faculty lounge wall at Rainier and an award for the 'Most Creative Excuse' at the end of each semester.

So, we've established there are many types of lies. You want a few more examples? Okay, how about the tried and trusted 'I'm really sorry, insert female name here, but I have a really important deadline so I can't make it tonight'. That one's usually reserved for when you have another date with someone else. I've also used the old 'Stakeout with Jim' excuse more times than I care to remember, and not all of those were lies. Still, it's a great excuse, and certainly no hardship to spend time with him.

It's the biggies that get you though. The 'Oh boy, you really blew it ones'. I never told many of those, though. Too much bad karma on my soul, I guess. The biggest one was the one at the press conference. Justified though, right? No way was Jim's life going to be ruined because of a mistake I made and I'd do it all over again if necessary.

The only trouble is, Jim is a walking, talking lie detector. Gone are the days when he took everything I said at face value; I can see it when he's using the old sentinel sense to ferret out the truth, and all he has to do is look at me to make me cave. I put up a good fight though, and more often than not I can distract him with a bit of fancy footwork. Not sure how much longer that will work though; he seems to be watching me all the time lately, and waiting for something.

I just hope I can keep up the pretence long enough to work out exactly what he's looking for. Because then maybe I can stop telling myself that what we have is just friendship.



I'm a patient man. All you have to do is look at my life for the last four years to know that. Who else would put up with him? No, that's not true; I know at least two other people who'd love to do it, one being Joel and the other being Connor. Joel has always looked out for him, but I'm pretty sure that what Connor feels for him isn't in the same category.

She's always had her eye on him, which is probably why I was so hostile towards her. I'd just figured out that I'd been lying to myself about my feelings for Blair, so when she started sniffing around him the old green eyed monster raised its head. I kept quiet, though, but started watching him constantly. Hey, he's easy on the eyes, so it wasn't a hardship at all.

I can tell he's wondering what's going to happen now, though; now he's told the Big One, as he calls it. It's never really bothered him before, when he obfuscates. He justifies it by saying it doesn't hurt anyone, and it certainly helped Joel that time, so more often than not I let it pass. He can't lie to me though, not if he knows I'm scanning him. He taught me the trick, so he can't complain when I use it.

But like I said, I'm a patient man, and I can wait. I can wait until he decides to stop lying to himself about how he feels about me, and makes the first move.


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