Easy Come, Easy Go 2

By Sunglow66


Rating: G

Author Notes: Here's part two for those of you who have been waiting.


It was Saturday again and Jim woke to find his lover - he grinned at that - had stolen all of the covers again. It was a good job he could dial down the cold as it was a frequent occurrence this past week. Checking Blair was still deeply asleep he got up and put the coffee on before going into the bathroom. It was almost ready when he came out ten minutes later and he poured two mugs out.

Taking them upstairs he put them on the bedside table and sat on the edge of the bed. Pulling the covers away from Blair's face, he bent down to place his lips against his ear.

"Rise and shine, Chief." He accompanied his words with a nibble to the lobe.

"T'n m'ntes, Ma." Blair flapped his hand on the pillow.

"I've got coffee and I'm not your Ma." Jim pulled the bedding off completely and slapped his exposed butt.

Only quick reflexes saved him from being head-butted as Blair shot up in the bed.

"You dick!" Blair rubbed his backside where Jim could see a pink hand print forming. "Ow!"

"Here's your coffee." Jim held it out in apology but couldn't hide his grin.

"Hmph." Blair couldn't help but respond to that grin and smiled in return. He took the coffee and drank it, all the while eyeing Jim up and down, his smile becoming a smirk as Jim's body responded.

"Chief…" Jim leaned forward and kissed Blair, lingering on the taste. "Come on, we have to meet Simon in an hour."

"Okay, I'm up." Blair scooted out of bed and headed down for his shower, leaving Jim to calm down.

"He'll be the death of me." Jim muttered as he took the mugs into the kitchen.

While Blair was showering Jim went down to collect the mail and the paper and found Blair at the kitchen table when he got back having just served breakfast.

He gave Blair his pile and put his own down beside his plate.

"Junk, junk, bill, junk, one from the bursars' office. Great, it's probably a reminder."

"Eat your eggs, Chief." Jim was stopped from ripping up his own junk mail by Blair.

"Hold on, there might be something good in them." Blair took them and started opening them.

"Uh Chief? That's my mail."

"Couples privilege, Jim. I'm allowed to open your mail and vice versa."

"Oh." Jim shrugged and picked up Blair's letter from the bursars office.

"Break it to me gently, will you Jim? How much are they after?"

"See for yourself." Jim noticed there was a sealed envelope in with the letter and handed both the letter and the envelope to Blair.

He then had to jump up and thump Blair on the back when he choked on his eggs.

"This has to be a mistake!" Blair was staring at his balance of student loan account. The bottom line said zero.

"Read the letter that came with it." Jim had a strong suspicion that the letter would be signed Charles Benedict the Third.

Dear Blair

Please accept the settlement of your student loans as my way of thanking you for your honesty. Not many people would have been as determined as you to see the money returned to its rightful owner.

Now I know your first reaction is going to try to find a way to repay me, but I wish you wouldn't.

Should you ever find yourself in need of any help in the future, please do not hesitate to call me, my number in on the card I gave you. I mean it, Blair, don't hesitate.

My thanks once again


"Oh wow." Blair handed Jim the letter and scrabbled in his wallet for Charles' card. "I gotta call him; tell him to take it back."

"Chief. Don't."


"He went to a lot of trouble to do this for you, don't throw it back in his face."

"Is that what he would think?"

"I expect so. I've heard he's a proud man."

"I'll write him a thank you note." Blair headed off to what was now his study. "I'll call Professor McDonald at the institute; see if I can get Charles' grandson a personal tour."

Jim was pleased to see the bounce in his step and hoped to god he never found out about the phone call Jim had received from Charles Benedict earlier in the week. The deception was worth it, though, if it wiped the lines of worry from his lovers' face.

"All done, let's go Jim." Blair bounced out of his room waving a letter already stamped.

"Washing up first."

"Jim? Isn't it time we invested in a dishwasher?"

"Chief? I have a dishwasher. It's called Blair." Jim turned Blair towards the kitchen and steered him to the sink. "You wash, I'll dry."

"I knew I should have paid you your back rent. This is an excuse to use me as slave labour." Blair grumbled goodnaturedly.

Jim turned Blair to face him and pulled him close.

"I'm taking your back rent in kind; I reckon it'll take about forty, fifty years."

"Oh man, talk about the long haul. Where do I sign up?"


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