For me

By JoeyRZ


Rating: G

vNotes: This just popped into my head as soon as I read the challenge.


It's amazing how one lie can mean everything in the world to you. One breath taking, soul crushing, tear jerking lie.

He lied for me. Isn't that the most incredible thing in the world? He stood up in front of his mother, his mentors, his peers and thousands and thousands of viewers, and lied. For me.

To save me. To protect me. To save everything we've worked so hard for.

I never told him of all the nightmares I had. Of covert ops taking me to experiment on. Of seeing all my cases being investigated. Of all the perps I'd put away being released.

Of him getting rich and famous and forgetting about me.

But he knew.

And he lied for me.

So... I stop lying tonight.

Tonight, I tell him the truth. I tell him I love him.


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