Four hands, one heart

By Onlymesmerized


Rating: PG-13

Notes: Because this plot bunny bit me early Saturday and wouldn't let go. First posting, not beta'd.


Blair woke up, with Jim's hands over his heart. Still, warm hands, that were rising and falling with the movement of his chest. Jim, in the quiet. Was he awake already? Or still?

"Jim, did we really just" he swallowed, dryly "do it?"


"And I just…"


"Oh. Jim, man, I'm so sorry. I mean I was having a totally zen moment, y'know, cosmic bonding and-Oh wow, did you see the spirit animals, too? I can't believe I just zonked on you-"

"Blair," "Did you know how many creation myths start out with Gods fu-"


"What?" He could just make out his bed partner's tired smile.

"Go back to sleep."

"Oh, okay." He rolled over with Jim tucked around him. Put his hands over Jim's. Four hands, one heart.


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