The Giggles

By JoeyRZ

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Blair sat, mouth hanging open, not willing to believe what he was seeing with his own two eyes.

It was movie night, and since Jim had worked late in order to finish the paperwork on a case they just closed, Blair had been the one to go pick up the movie.

He'd spent half an hour at Blockbuster, checking out all the newer releases, and even though he knew Jim would almost certainly slap him over the head for it, he'd chosen the comedy flick over the action/adventure one.

When Jim entered the loft, Blair'd gone over to softly kiss his lover, take his jacket and hand him a beer.

"Aw, you make a great wife, Chief," Jim had joked and had gotten slapped in the butt for it.

"I got the movie, Jim," Blair had said, tossing him the case. "Aw, Jim, come on, man. We need to unwind and what better way to do that than to have a few good laughs?" he said as soon as he saw that Jim was about to protest his choice.

"Chief, you know I don't mind comedies. But this? I don't find this funny."

"You will man. Come on. We'll make a bet. If you don't laugh at least three times during the movie, you get to use the cuffs on me," Blair had said, pressing soft kisses to the underside of Jim's jaw.

"And if I do?"

"You still get to use them. But you gotta watch the movie."

The move had worked and Jim agreed to go get changed out of his work clothes while Blair made the popcorn.

The movie had ended about five minutes ago, and Blair still couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Jim was leaning forward on the couch, holding onto his side as continued to giggle uncontrollably. After the first twenty minutes of the movie, Jim had started to chuckle. The chuckles had turned to regular laughter. That laughter was replaced by full bodied belly laughs, and when the movie ended, those had faded down into giggles.

Giggles. Jim was giggling. He was doing the whole 'holding onto my side, because I laughed so much and so hard it hurts, but I still can stop giggling' routine.

Blair looked at his watch again. Ten minutes. Ten minutes of Jim giggling. It was too much. But Jim was still giggling, and Blair still couldn't believe it.

Blair looked down at the innocent looking DVD case. "White Chicks" it proclaimed. Two black guys dressed as white, upper crust girls had done this to his partner.

Jim was giggling.


Blair pounced.

He was going to buy that movie.


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