By Moonglow

Time slowed for Jim as callused hands swept over and down his back, kneading the tight muscles until they were soft and pliant, draining the tension of a hard days work out of them.

Auburn curls framed a face fierce with concentration as Blair knelt over Jim, thighs spread over the outside of Jim's, leaning his weight into his hands as the acres of soft skin melted beneath him.

The scent of almond oil teased Jim's nostrils as it heated under Blair's hands, mixing with the clean, fresh smell of freshly laundered sheets under his cheek. A moan sounded throughout the loft and Jim wasn't sure if it came from him or not.

Touch spiralled up until all Jim could feel was the drag of fingers over his back and the press of Blair's knees against his thighs. He filtered out the sounds of the outside world and concentrated on their synchronised breathing; in, out, in, out, their heartbeats slowing in time with the gentle sweep of hands.

Over and over the hands kept moving, never still, keeping Jim grounded with their movement until they came to rest at the base of his spine. He shifted restlessly and turned his head to look over his shoulder, sighing as he met the heated look in Blair's eyes with one of his own.

Only Blair could reduce him to this; relaxed yet aroused at the same time. Moving carefully, he raised one foot and nudged Blair's ass gently, encouraging him to lean forward. Soft hair swept his back as Blair did as he was asked, sending a shiver down his spine. Humming contentedly, Blair explored his mouth with his tongue, drawing away when air became a necessity. "Love you," he whispered before pressing one more kiss at the corner of Jim's smiling mouth.


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