Harvest Moon

By Moonglow

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The late summer night was warm and only the sounds of crickets broke the silence. Jim Ellison's classic Ford truck was parked in a secluded area in the mountains, where the lights from the city wouldn't obscure the night sky. An airbed had been placed in the open bed and they lay on top of their sleeping bags, looking up at the moon.

"Why do they call it a harvest moon, Chief?" Jim asked idly, already knowing the answer but wondering what his partner would come up with.

"Because farmers used to use the light from the early rise of the moon to gather their crops, hence the phrase, 'Harvest moon'." Blair turned his head sideways and caught the slight lift of Jim's lips, "but then, you knew that already."

"Yeah, just wanted to know if you did."

"I'm an Anthropologist, Jim, of course I know that. Did you also know there was a Snow moon, and Hunter moon, Beaver moon, Cold…"

"No, I didn't." Jim interrupted the lecture by placing a hand over his talkative companion's mouth.

"Hey!" Blair pulled the hand away and glared in mock anger at Jim, "Just because you're bigger than me doesn't mean you can push me around."

"I was listening to the crickets but there's an annoying little mosquito…" Jim held his hands up as Blair surged over him and ran quicksilver fingers over his ribs, reducing Jim to helpless laughter.

"Oh…so it's…okay to…pick on the…bigger guy…is it?" Jim caught Blair's hands and held them wide, causing him to fall onto Jim's chest with an 'oof'.

Blair drew in a breath and then relaxed onto Jim, twining his fingers through Jim's and slowly lowered his head. The light from the moon cast Jim's cheekbones into sharp relief, shadowing his eyes as he stared up at Blair. Bringing their joined hands up, Jim raised them over his head and slid under Blair further until their faces were level.

His eyes roamed hungrily over Blair's face, from the parted lips to the sparkling eyes revealed by the moonlight and back to his lips again. Jim took a deep breath and tilted his chin up, silently encouraging Blair to take the initiative. Leaning down until he was a whisper away, Blair brushed his bottom lip gently over Jim's, their breath mingling as they stared into each others eyes.

Jim brought his knees up and cradled Blair's hips between them, settling further down into the softness of the sleeping bags underneath his back. He rubbed a bare foot against Blair's calf, alternatively smoothing and ruffling the hair he could feel there.

"So, you still want to do those tests, Chief?" Jim's voice was husky as Blair pulled back.

"Isn't that why you suggested we come out here?"


"Only partly? What other…" Blair paused as a faint blush stained Jim's cheekbones, "Jim?"

"It's our anniversary." Jim brought his hands down and rested them on Blair's hips, "I thought it'd be nice to get away for the weekend."

"That's really…romantic." Blair grinned delightedly.

"What, I'm not allowed to be romantic?" Jim frowned slightly at Blair's surprised look.

"Of course you are! It's just that we don't usually do romance." Blair shrugged. After the first initial flush of discovery a year ago, they'd settled back down into their comfortable relationship with the added benefit of frequent sex.

"I thought I'd make an exception seeing as it was a special occasion." Jim reached up and nuzzled at Blair's collarbone, "Is that okay with you?"

"I don't think I could ask for anything more, Jim. You and moonlight are two of my favourite things." Blair nuzzled back, then pulled away to look down into his lover's eyes. "So, what type of tests do you want to do?"

"What, now?" Jim had anticipated a night of lovemaking under the full moon, out here where no one could hear them.

Blair slid sideways until he had his head resting on Jim's shoulder and his body was snuggled up tight under his arm. He threw his leg over Jim's and curved his arm over his flat stomach.

"There's all sorts of tests we can do out here, you know." His fingers toyed with the waist of Jim's boxers, and then slid under the elastic to caress the soft skin under his navel.

"Yeah?" Jim cleared his throat, "What kind?"

"I could see how long it takes to make you howl at the moon," Blair kissed the shoulder underneath him.

"Isn't that my line, Chief? You're the one with a wolf for a spirit animal."

"Oh, that's so clichéd, Jim."

"I bet I could make you scream."

"I'm not even going to take that, Jim, because we both know you do that on a regular basis."

"It was worth a shot." Jim's voice had a smug tone to it that caused Blair to grin into his shoulder.

"This was a really good idea, Jim."

"It was, wasn't it?" Jim rolled onto his side and manoeuvred Blair onto his back, pulling back to let the moonlight illuminate the face of the man he loved with his whole being. He bent and pressed a gentle kiss on the parted lips below him.

"Happy anniversary, Chief."

"Happy anniversary, Jim." Blair whispered, his throat tight with emotion at the thought of all the effort Jim had taken to ensure this night was perfect.

A wicked smile curved Jim's mouth and he started humming, eyes sparkling at Blair's look of outrage as he recognised the tune.

"Moonlight becomes you? I'll give you moonlight…" Blair surged upwards and the sound of laughter rang through the night.


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