Here, kitty, kitty

By Moonglow


Rating: G

Notes: Because I know what it's like!


Jim Ellison's nose twitched, the scent of fresh coffee and sun-warmed Blair pulling him from a deep sex-induced sleep. Cracking open one eye, he saw the gauze curtains billowing in from the open French window and he rolled over, untangling his legs from the soft cotton sheets and swinging them over the side of the bed. He stretched his arms above his head, joints popping as his back arched, and stood up.

Not bothering with clothes, he padded across the tiled floor and stood in the doorway, watching Blair lean on the balcony railing, arm outstretched with an empty coffee cup held loosely in his fingers. The midday sun was high overhead, and Jim could see the faint tinge of red on Blair's shoulders, indicated he'd been out here a while. Sighing, Jim retreated to the bathroom and retrieved the bottle of suntan oil; even though both of them tanned easily, they still had to be careful in the tropical sunlight. And Jim took every opportunity to get his hands on as much of Blair's skin as possible.

Blair hadn't moved and Jim moved up stealthily behind him, the warm boards under his feet worn smooth over time.

"Sshh, you'll scare him." Blair murmured as he felt Jim lean over him and nuzzle his face into the nape of his neck. He shivered as a warm mouth pressed a kiss there, and a large hand crept through the baggy armhole of his vest to press against his heart.

Jim glanced up and locked eyes with the animal perched on the railing not far from Blair's hand. His lover had been trying to coax it closer for the past three days; even leaving out small flakes of tuna to tempt it, but so far this was the closest the feral cat had got. It blinked in disdain as Jim stared at it, eventually turning its head to wash its side. Taking it as a battle won, Jim returned his attention to the smooth skin of Blair's neck, sliding his cheek against the short fuzz at the nape.

He didn't miss the long curls at all; the short style revealing Blair's masculine beauty to everyone, and Jim wore a smug smile whenever they went out together and heads turned in their direction.

Flipping open the bottle, he poured a line down Blair's arm and then let the bottle slip to the boards at their feet. Smoothing the oil into the warm skin with one hand, he used the other to work the vest out of Blair's jeans, intending to slide it off him to get to the skin underneath. Blair lifted up a little and helped pull it up over his head, and then leaned back over the railing to give Jim full access to him.

More oil slithered down his spine and he shivered again when it was Jim's chest that was used to rub it in, letting out a small moan when he felt Jim work open his fly, making no attempt to stop him even though it was broad daylight. Soft denim pooled around his bare feet and a large foot held it still while he stepped out of it. More kisses dusted the back of his neck, turning to playful nips as Blair wiggled his ass provocatively.

Jim slid his hand once again down Blair's arm and relieved him of the cup, letting it fall gently onto the decking. The soft chink of glass on wood startled the cat and its movement caught Blair's eye. The unblinking stare unnerved him slightly and he tensed in Jim's arms.


"I can't do it, Jim."


"Not with an audience." Blair jerked his chin towards the black cat.

"You've got to be kidding."

"No, I'm not."

"It's a cat. It's not going to care what we do."

"I can't help it." He shrugged apologetically, "I'm sorry."

"You want to take this indoors?"

"You mind?" Blair turned in his arms and reached up to kiss him, sliding his tongue over Jim's bottom lip and leaving behind the taste of rich Colombian beans. Pressing him back against the railing, Jim deepened the kiss, sliding his hands down his back to protect it against the hard wood. He pulled back reluctantly and allowed Blair to slide out; watching with undisguised lust as he sauntered towards the open doors, grinning at the saucy look Blair threw over his shoulder.

A hiss from behind him made Jim turn round. He bent down and eyeballed the supercilious animal.

A feral look of his own crossed his face and he bared his teeth, causing the cat to arch its back at him.

"Stick around, cat, and I'll introduce you to my own kitty." He said, grinning as the animal turned and raced away.

The war won, Jim followed his prize into the bedroom.


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