Holding Still

By Aouda Fogg


Rating: G

Warnings/Notes: This image flung itself into my head as I climbing into bed... luckily I hadn't powered down my computer! Not betaed.


Jim pulled him even harder against his chest; Blair hugged back, staying still, letting himself be held.

“Almost lost you today.” The quiet words, whispered into his hair, had been all he’d been able to get out Jim for a while.

He waited, though, sensing more to come.

“Please stay. Don’t leave me. I’ll make myself over into anything you want me to be...”

Blair finally pulled away just a bit, shaking his head. Jim’s arms dropped away, and the growing despair in Jim’s eyes confused him until he realized the taller man had misinterpreted the motion.

“Shh, no, Jim,” he put his hands on Jim’s arms, stilling him. “I don’t want you to make over anything, Jim. Since I fell in love with the man you are, why would I want anything other than him -- you?”

This time there was no desperation in the embrace, only joyfulness; Blair hugged back, staying still, letting himself be held, this time holding Jim back.


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