In the Woods



Rating NC17

A/N: This is actually a cut scene, which I never wanted to delete. It's from my "Blair is a Sentinel" story Hot Jazz, which can be found on my website


"I don't believe you, Sandburg, what the hell sort of game are you playing here?"

"I don't play games," Blair said, his voice taking on a more serious note. "Follow me and I'll have mercy on your body." He turned and walked around the corner of the building, out of sight of the other people still milling around at the scene.

"Sandburg!" Jim followed, half-angry, half-excited by what was happening.

Blair led the way into a small copse of trees near the back of the building. "We'll be safe here," he announced.

"Are you insane?" Jim said incredulously. "They could come out here to start searching at any second."

"I'll know if anyone gets near us," Blair assured him. "But I can assure, someone will definitely be coming out here, although I hope it won't be for at least a few seconds yet." With that, he yanked Jim against him with surprising strength and took the Detective's mouth in a rough, passionate kiss.

Jim opened his mouth to moan and that was all the invitation Blair needed to push his tongue into the other man's mouth. At the same time, he reached for Jim's belt and zipper, working them undone. Jim broke the kiss, panting for air and moaning again as he felt cool air brush over his cock. Blair had succeeded in freeing his erection from his jeans and Jim was still commando, as he had been the night before.

Blair slid down Jim's body, keeping as much contact between them as possible as he did so. Then, without further ado, he was deep-throating Jim's cock and pulling Jim's jeans down his legs to give him access to Jim's ass, which was still wet and loose from their early morning love-making.

Jim had one hand entwined in his hair, the other he was biting down on to stop himself from screaming out loud at the wonderful sensations Blair was inflicting on him. The only thought in his dazed head was if this was so good for him, with normal senses, just what must it be like for Blair, with his enhanced senses. Then he could feel himself starting to come as a finger brushed his prostate and he felt blood on his tongue where he had bitten through the skin of his hand as he muffled his frantic noises of completion. Then he was sinking down onto his knees, Blair's arms around him helping to support his weight.

"Jesus, Blair," Jim said, when he finally got his breath back. "What the Hell was that all about?"

Blair smiled at him. "That was me staking my claim to you, Big Guy," he said. "I'm possessive, jealous and territorial. I don't like sharing, either."

"You don't own me, Sandburg," Jim said angrily, pulling free of Blair and standing up so that he could try and tidy himself up himself and sort out his clothes.

"You're my Guide, Jim," Blair said. "That means we have a bond, whether you like it or not. I thought we already established that fact. The fact that you're a damn good lay is incidental, but it helps reinforce the connection we share. It was common for Sentinel and Guide to be mates in the past."

"Lucky for you I'm gay then," Jim said sarcastically. "Or would you have just fucked me regardless of whether I wanted you to or not?"

"Jim!" Blair protested. "What sort of guy do you think I am? There's no way I would have raped you. And if I remember, you were the one who made the first move last night."

Jim sighed heavily. "I really don't have time for this right now, Sandburg," he growled in frustration. "I'm supposed to take you down to the station to give a statement about the caretaker. Plus, Wilson wants to know about how we met and what our relationship is...."

"As if he didn't already guess the answer to that one!" Blair said impatiently. "What about after all that stuff? Do we get to have the talk we really need to have?"

"I'm not sure," Jim admitted. "I'll probably have to start working the case as I was the one who found the body and was therefore the first officer on the scene. I know we need to talk, Blair, and I do want to talk to you, tell you about some things, but I don't know when I'll have the opportunity to do that."

"Fair enough," Blair said. Then he cocked his head to one side, clearly listening to something. "Someone's looking for us," he told Jim.

"Do I look okay?" Jim asked.

Blair gave a growl. "You look good enough to eat."


"Okay, okay, you look fine," Blair muttered. "Let's go." He swung around and started towards the trees.

"Just a second," Jim pulled the singer back round to face him.

"What?" Blair asked. "We don't have long here, Jim."

Jim tilted the Sentinel's face up to his and gave him a tender, but thorough, kiss. "It's too soon to say love, Blair, but you are important to me and I want us to get to know each other properly," he said. Then he let Blair go, pushed his way through the trees and headed back towards the front of the building, leaving a very bemused man in his wake.


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