Major opportunities

By Kayra42

From the Live Journal of bjwolf

Wow - I didn't realize it had been so long since my last update until jazzman emailed last night. Twoo weeks?!? No wonder folks were thinking I had died or something.

To quote Obi-Wan Kenobi, "Oh no, he's not dead. Not yet." ::grin:: I've just been really swamped with real life these past couple of weeks.

Someone must have declared an open crime season in Cascade. You name it, we've had it. Car thefts. Kidnappings. Break-ins. Robberies. Murders. Hostage situations. Henri and Rafe were even assigned to a dog-napping. The Mayor's wife's show champion Pug went missing. The poor dog probably just wanted to get away from her (ohh.. did I say that? nah... not me). At any rate, we handled everything and pretty much solved it all (even the dog-napping, he really did just run away when the cleaning crew left the back door open). We have been busier than busy and the whole Major Crimes department has worked more overtime in the past two or three weeks than anyone really wants to count. So much that SB has quit counting and is arranging everyone to get an extra week vacation. woo hoo! Any guesses on who is first up for the vacation time now that life has settled down? Why yes, the detective who is once again being talked about as possibly this year's Cop of the Year. JE ::proud grin:: Man, I hope so. Not only does he seriously deserve it, he'd have to go to the ceremony and wear his tux. That would make me a very happy partner. So sue me, I happen to think he looks very nice in his tuxedo.

Which actually brings me to another topic, one I've touched on before. Me and J. Or rather the possibility of a me and J. One night last week, after a stake out and chasing down a drug dealer, we were both tired and J was sore after going a round with said dealer. Despite being 4am, neither of us was sleeping well, so I offered him a back rub. When I was done, he rolls over, looks at me all sleepy, touches my face and kisses me! One of the gentlest full of love kisses I've ever had in my whole life. Poor guy then falls asleep with a smile on his face before he hits the pillow.

Talk about a dream! I still can't decide if I dreamed it or if it really happened. Should I ask him about it? How would that conversation go? Excuse me, but did you really kiss me the other night? And would you do it again? umm.. that might not go so well. Now in the light of day, it seems as though I shouldn't say anything at all. But what I wouldn't give for another kiss. Oh man. To feel his hands on my face, his lips on mine, gently tasting. Wow. junior is getting interested just thinking about the possibilities.

sigh... So do I say anything? It's been a week and he's not acted any differently. No declarations of love. No invitations to join him in the bed upstairs. Nothing but me being afraid saying those three all-important words 'I love you' to the one person I am most afraid of losing. Maybe the upcoming vacation will provide an opportunity for something, anything, to happen.

Later all.

mood: content, yet confused
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Jim smiled as he finished reading the entry, and then moved on to reading the local sports and news. He had discovered the internet software, Live Journal, on his own, but it was Megan Connor who insisted he follow the tales of one bjwolf. He didn't ask how the Australian Inspector knew about Blair's journal and he wasn't sure he wanted to know. But he read them and was glad he did.

He already knew his partner and Guide was bisexual. He had long hoped and even suspected that the young man might even be interested in him. Any guilt he initially had in reading the journal turned to joy as bjwolf described how he felt about JE. At first, Jim had tried to tell Megan (and himself) that she could be mistaken, but her answer had been to snort and say "Jimbo, Sandy love you. A person does NOT have to be a Sentinel or a detective to see that."

Courtesy of the Cascade Police Department, he and Blair had a week's vacation coming up. Jim's smile grew as he decided the week was indeed an opportunity that was not going to be wasted.

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