Maybe, Maybe Not 2

By Polly


Rating: PG

Notes: By popular demand, Jim's POV. How do you people keep talking me into series? If for some weird-ass reason this double-posts, all I can say is, this is my second attempt - the first time I tried, it just vanished. I've never had that happen before. I checked all my other communities, just in case, and it didn't show up anywhere else (boy, won't they be surprised over on Voyager_week if it shows up there later, lol).


Something was wrong with Blair.

With them.

Every instinct - every sense - he had was screaming warning.

He didn't know what it was.

No, that wasn't true. He did know - he just didn't know why the lover who'd initially met his advances with such happy enthusiasm now froze at his touch.

Not for long, but there was no hiding that kind of reaction, however momentary. Not from him.

And Blair never initiated sex between them any more.

He'd tried so hard to be careful. Cautious. Limiting things to plain vanilla, knowing Blair was new to being with a man. Holding his passion in check, being tender, gentle, always making sure Blair reached orgasm first, never losing control.

He was certain he hadn't hurt Blair. He would have known.

Wouldn't he?

Maybe they'd made a mistake, becoming lovers. Maybe it was something Blair hadn't really wanted, but had just gone along with to make him happy.

Or maybe he was the mistake. Maybe Carolyn was right...

...I can get more out of my toaster.

He'd never managed to keep a lover. Why should Blair be different?

He... he really had believed Blair was in love with him.

Forever love.


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