Out of Bounds

By LadyTygerEyez


Category: Established relationship

Rating: NC-17

Warning: graphic sex, kink, BDSM, spanking, flogging

A/N: Jim flirts with an ex. Blair gets pissed. Yummy chaos ensues, hence the conflict. If spanking and flogging squicks you, you might want to pass. Otherwise enjoy. :-)


"You have five seconds to get inside the loft," said a pissed-off Blair Sandburg.

James Ellison's heart began to pound and his palms began to sweat at the tone in his lover's voice. It was not the nurturing and comforting Guide tone, but it was the "I'm-so-pissed-off-that-your-ass-will-be-blistered-red" tone.

Not wanting to tick off his partner any more than he already was, Jim hightailed it up to the loft. He didn't even bother with the elevator but instead took the stairs two at a time. When he got inside, he cast out his hearing, easily locating his Guide's heartbeat and found that it was slowly making its way to the third floor.

Jim fidgeted as he waited for Blair to appear. He could not even throw up his wall of stoicism because he knew that whatever sort of punishment he received was more than deserved. He could only wonder and dread what Sandburg was planning.

When the doorknob began to twist, Jim felt himself go on full alert. He stopped breathing as the door slowly pushed inwards. When his partner was fully visible, Jim's eyes dropped to the ground. He knew the rules. He wasn't to speak until he was spoken to.

"James, I want you to go upstairs, strip down, and make yourself ready for me," the soft-spoken voice said.

Jim had no doubt as to the meaning of those words and he immediately complied with the order. He went up the stairs and shed every article of clothing he wore. When he did so, he went over to the far corner of the bedroom to the black X-shaped structure that stood there. He secured his ankles in the padded shackles and then placed himself flush against the structure. He waited for his Dom to come secure the wrists for him.

The soft echo of Blair's footstep on the stairs made Jim's heart beat just a bit faster. He breathed deeply, letting the familiar and beloved scent fill his nostrils. He barely refrained from jumping at the soft touch of his Guide's hands on the curve of his ass. He shivered as he felt the soft whisper in his ear, "You know why I have to do this, don't you?"

Jim nodded at his Dom's question but yelped at the sharp slap against his flesh. "Answer me, James. Why am I doing this?"

Jim gulped, and answered, "Because I was flirting with Robbins from Vice."

As the long-fingered hands fastened Jim's wrists, securing him properly, the implacable voice continued, "And why were you flirting with him?"

Jim answered, "I was flirting because I wanted to."

There was a seductive chuckle coming from the man behind him. "Yes, and that is why you are in this predicament. It appears that you need reminding as to who owns you, Pet," his Dom said.

Jim felt elated at Blair's words as that is exactly what he wanted. "Please, Sir," he said, softly, "remind me."

Blair moved his hands back down to cup and squeeze his lover's taut ass. "You are such the slut, James. Do you know how much I love that?" he purred.

Ignoring Jim's aroused moan, Blair continued, "First, you're going to feel the sting of the flogger because you were a bad boy today and you deserve it. Then I'm going to paddle your ass until it's nice and shiny red. And do you want to know what I'm going to do after that, Baby?"

Jim panted, the words alone making his cock rock-hard, "What, Sir?"

Blair hissed, placing a sharp nip on the flesh of Jim's neck, "I'm gonna fuck you so hard that you won't feel the need to flirt with anybody for a long, long time."

Jim whimpered when he sensed Blair moving away from him, but was calmed by the soft murmurings of his Guide as he moved about the bedroom. He was just relaxing when the felt the soft stinging of the flogger as each leather strand brushed against the flesh of his back. He gasped loudly, his fingers clenching into fists, and said, "Oh."

"Like that, do you," Blair all but purred, "well there is much more where that came from." He proceeded to demonstrate by brushing the flogger over and over on his back and down his legs. He could feel the blood flowing beneath his sensitized skin and this almost sent him spiraling into a zone, but Blair stopped it just in time by telling him to dial down touch two notches.

When he was ready, he nodded and Blair started in again with the flogger. The sensation of the leather rubbing and flicking against his skin was exquisite. He hissed through his teeth as he felt the coolness of Blair's hand against the heat generating from his back. "Please don't stop," he begged.

"Oh, believe me, Pet, I'm just getting started," Blair said, in a silky tone. Jim didn't even have the time to consider the meaning behind those words before he felt the firm whap of the paddle against his asscheek.

"Oh God," he cried out, instinctively dialing up his sense of touch to get the most out of the feeling. "Again, Chief, please."

"Oh yeah," Blair said, as he continued to pepper Jim's ass with the paddle. As he did so, he kept speaking to his Sentinel, "This is for even thinking that you could get away with flirting with that Vice slut. You're the Sentinel, but I know all and I see all. You belong to me, Ellison, no one else. You can flirt only when I say you can. If I want you to drop down and suck Simon off, you will, because I will say so. Do you hear me?"

Those last words were spaced out between a hard whack of the paddle. Jim's ass was stinging and tears were running down his cheeks. He panted, "Yes, sir. Only when you say so."

Thankfully, the paddling stopped and Jim was able to breath deeply. He found himself being removed from the restraints and gently walked over to the bed. Blair pushed him facedown on the bed, but told him, "Lift up that ass, Baby."

Jim immediately complied and moaned at the sensation of the cool washcloth as it was placed against his heated backside. "Mmmm," was all he could say.

He was then immediately shocked by the sudden removal of the plug that Blair had placed inside him before work that morning. He gasped aloud as he then found himself filled with his Guide and lover. "Oh yeah, fuck me hard, Sir," he moaned.

Blair growled as he began to thrust in and out of his Beloved Pet, "Gonna fuck you good, Baby. When you can't sit down for a week, you'll remember who did this to you."

Jim grunted with each thrust and met each of them with one of his own. "Do me good, Sir. I deserve it. I'm such a slut."

"Yeah, definitely a slut," Blair answered, his breathing become more ragged, "but you're my Slut. Gonna make you come so good."

Jim almost screamed when he felt Blair's fingers wrap around his cock. Between that sensation and the one moving in his ass, he wasn't sure what would be the one to set him over the edge. That was determined when Blair's teeth clamped down on his neck. With a primal scream, he erupted all over Blair's hand, spilling over onto the sheets beneath him.

His orgasm triggered Blair's who howled as he emptied himself into his lover. Their bodies jerked and spasmed but finally they collapsed on the bed, their breathing becoming more regular. Jim chuckled then, which made Blair ask, "What's so funny, James?"

After a few seconds, Jim answered, "If that's how you react to me flirting, I can't imagine what you'd do if you ever caught me kissing someone else."

Blair's answering chuckle was low and evil-sounding, and he said, "Oh, Pet, just try it and you'll find out."


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