Save Me

By Paula C.


Rating: PG 13

Warning: talk of non-consensual sex.


'Oh man, what did I do last night?' Blair thought to himself. He hurt all over and felt sick and his head was thumping a tune that was heavy in beat. He hadn't tried to open his eyes yet, fear filled him in what he might find.

'You have to open them, see where you are.' One part told him. Another said, 'Just open your eyes and you'll see that you are home, in your bed with Jim looking down at you.'

He wanted the second thought to be true. He could handle that. If he were home, Jim would take care of him.

Slowly he opened his eyes and found he wasn't home.

"Fuck," he muttered.

He let his eyes move around the room, taking in where he was. He was in a room with two double beds and two chairs and a table. The television was on but no sound filling the room. It wasn't a grungy room but not high class either.

He had to find out more, where he was. The phone usually had details. Slowly he moved, feeling aches and pains in his body as he lifted up to see the phone.

Best Inn, Seattle Washington.

How did he get to Seattle? Oh man, he did not like this.

First he had to call Jim. His cell phone had a large coverage area. He picked up the phone and pressed 9 for a local call and dialed the number he knew by memory.

One ring, two ring.

Pick up, please pick up.

Third ring.


Blair tried to say something but his voice tightened up.

"Sandburg? Is that you?"

Blair tired again and got out a weak "Jim."

"Where are you?"


"What did you do this time Sandburg? You didn't come home, didn't call. I wake up to find you gone, where the hell "

Tears welled up in his eyes, "Jim?" he tried to interrupt, "I don't know what happened." He took a deep breath, "Please Jim, come and get me."

Jim stopped and heard the distress in Blair's voice.

"Where are you?"

"Best Inn. It's says the address is 555 Main Street. The number is 609-555-1212. The room number is 345."

"Are you hurt?"

"I have aches and pains, I know that. I haven't moved off the bed yet."

Blair could hear Jim closing the loft door and moving down the stairs. "Chief, I need you to get up and lock the door and chain it. I want to call the hotel and see if I can get any information from the manager. I'll call you back in ten."

"In ten, got it."

All he had to do was get up and secure the door. He hung up the phone and groaned. With determination he sat up and slowly slid his legs over the side of the bed.

The bed wasn't mused and there was no evidence of foul play. He stood up on shaky legs and made his way to the door. He flipped the deadbolt and the security bar. To his right he saw that his clothes were hanging in the closet.

He started to feel sick.

The phone rang. He had to get it. He made it to the bed and picked it up.

"Blair?" Jim asked.


"The room was checked in under your name and credit card. The hotel manager is calling the night auditor to see who did check you in."

"Jim, I don't feel so good."

"I know. I'll be there in two hours. The manager has instructed no one to bother you."

"I can't remember." Blair started shaking. "Jim."

"I know. Get under the covers and try to relax. I know you're scared and you want someone there now, but I got to drive there."

Jim thought for a moment. "Get under the covers, and keep the phone with you."

Blair did as he was told.

"Covered up?"


Jim started telling Blair about the time when he was in Peru that had been a beautiful day that he had seen.

** **

A knock came to the door to the room. Blair was startled awake, sitting up quickly then feeling all the abuse his body had taken.

"Blair, it's Jim." He heard through the door.

Blair moved quickly, thanking who ever to having given him a friend like Jim. He opened the door and found himself hugged by his larger friend.

Somehow Blair found himself on the bed once more with Jim looking over him. Blair felt embarrassed but he knew Jim was concerned and could help him.

Jim started to fill in some information. "The clerk described you as being six foot with Latino features. He gave your card and address from your wallet and signed a bad forgery of your name."

Blair had bruises on his arms and hips as if he was held during a round of sex. Jim didn't smell any semen but he did see some blood. He had picked up the first aid kit after he had thrown some clothes into an overnight bag. He had no idea what he would find.

"Blair, I see some blood. You want me to put something on it?"

Blair nodded and rolled over.

Trying to get Blair's mind off what happened, Jim asked him, "What do you remember doing last night?"

"I went over to Kelly's for a few drinks. I was supposed to hook up with Jane, Trina, James and a new guy, Tim."

"Do you remember seeing them?"


Jim ran a soothing finger over his anus, trying to get it to relax a little. Blair took a few deep breaths and Jim was able to slip his finger in to smooth the ointment.

Jim took his finger out and wiped the area with a wet nap.

Blair began to shiver, what he was able to hold in place slowly melted. Jim was here.

Jim gathered him close and held him as he cried. He was afraid, afraid of the unknown and how someone could hurt him. But he trusted Jim, trusted him to find the answers for him and give him strength to figure it out.


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