By Sunglow


Rating: G

Author Notes: Couldn't resist posting another, the pictures are so inspirational.


"Smells good, Chief." Jim hung up his coat, dropped his keys in the basket and came into the kitchen to see what his roommate was cooking up.

"Taste this." Blair held out the spoon out. "I can't tell if it needs more salt or not." He'd been suffering all week with a slight head cold.

Jim bent towards it but a suspicion crossed his mind and he pulled back.

"What's in it?"

"Why don't you try it and then you tell me?" Blair rolled his eyes in exasperation.

"I seem to remember having this conversation before, Chief. I ended up with a mouthful of sour milk."

"I told you that was a mistake! It wasn't my fault you picked up the wrong cup."

Blair grinned, "Besides, if you thought that was bad you should try Tibetan Butter Tea. Man, I never thought I'd ever forgive Naomi for that one."

Grimacing at the thought Jim bent again to the spoon Blair was patiently holding out.

"No more salt, Chief." Jim took the spoon off him and licked it clean. "What is it anyway?"

"Naomi sent me a new recipe and I thought I'd try it out." Blair saw the question on Jim's face turn to suspicion again and held up his hand. "No, it's not tofu. Well, it said tofu in the recipe but I substituted beef - just this once."

"How long before it's ready?" Jim put the spoon in the sink.

"It's ready now."

"Will it keep?"

"Sure, why?"

Jim reached round him and turned off the burner, then pulled his lover close.

"I'm in the mood for dessert first."


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