That Special Bond

By Ainm


Rating: G

A/N: Jim's a bit obsessive, but Blair can manage him... eventually. :-) Silly little dialog-only piece.




"Are you coming?"

"Just a minute, Chief."




"You've been out here quite a while."

"Oh... yeah, OK, soon..."





"Come on, man, it's time to come inside."

"I just have to check one more thing..."

"Five more minutes."




"Time's up, pal, you've got to let this go and come upstairs."

"But Sandburg --"

"Jim! It's dark!"

"I can see fine."

"It's freezing out. The neighbors are going to wonder what you're doing out here."

"Like I care?"

"Jim. We've been home for 45 minutes. I've made supper. I promise you, your new truck isn't going anywhere. Come inside and have something to eat, and you can continue your bonding process in the morning."

"But Chief --"

"Don't make me threaten you, Jim."

"But I just --"

"Would you like to sleep out here in the truck, or do you have a hope of coming up to bed tonight?"

"Alright, alright, you win."

"Good. Now march."

"Not without the owner's manual!"


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