The Late Show

By Moonpuppy

Blair sighed, changed the channel again, and let his hand rest on Jim's neck. Why was it, he wondered, that the stronger the man, the wimpier he was when he got sick? He smiled to himself. He knew he was useless when he was sick. He'd accepted it a long time ago, and didn't fight it. Jim, on the other hand...



"This leaving thing was so not a good thing for me to do. Maybe it's how Mom can get her head together, but I spent more time worrying about you, than making any decisions for me."

"So, what? You're not coming back yet?"

"What? No, no. I'm on my way back now. We're at a rest break at a bus stop. I should be home by morning."


"Jim? What's the matter, man? Are you sick? I knew it! I knew something was wrong! Is it your senses? Did you get hurt at work? Damn it! Why couldn't I have just driven? Then I wouldn't be stuck here for another half hour!"

"Blair?" Jim said, breaking into his friend's recriminations.

"Yeah?" Blair sighed, resigned to the last leg of his trip.

"I'm fine. I just have a cold." Jim paused, then said, "Is this your home?"

vBlair relaxed. "Yeah, man, it's home. You're home. And I'll be there in the morning."


Blair yawned, then looked down at his best friend, his head nestled in Blair's lap.


Jim hadn't lied when he said he had a cold. He didn't even wake up when Blair entered the loft this morning. He dropped his stuff in his room, grabbed a quick shower, dressed in a clean t-shirt and boxers, then climbed the stairs up to Jim's bedroom. Jim was snoring softly, a sure sign of a head cold. Blair simply went around the bed and climbed in on the far side. Almost as if he wore a homing beacon, within a couple of minutes he had a Jim blanket wrapped around him. They lay, wrapped in each other's arms for a few minutes.

"Blair?" Jim whispered roughly, just barely awake.

"Yeah, Jim?" Blair answered just as quietly.

"You home?"

Blair reached up and petted Jim's head. "Yeah, babe, I'm home."


Blair yawned again, then clicked the tv off with the remote. He lay his head back onto the back of the sofa. He was sure to have a sore neck come morning, but it would be worth it. He was home. Cascade was home. The loft was home. And, most of all, Jim was home.


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