The Missing Sentinel Affair

By MoonPuppy


Rating: NC-17

Summary: Jim. Blair. Sex.

Remarks: This little bit wrote itself. It has a beginning, a middle, and an end - of sorts. It then tried to incorporate itself into a longer cross-over that I could never really get going, as you can probably tell by the title. So, here it sits.


Blair Sandburg woke to the feeling of a slick digit gently teasing his anus and entering him. He'd been asleep on his stomach with one leg curled up; a position his lover, Jim Ellison, could not resist.

"Mmm," Blair murmured. "Hi."

"Hi," Jim murmured back as he worked his finger in and out, twisting a bit, slowly stretching the tight entrance. "Did I wake you?" He asked softly, his lips next to Blair's ear.

"Mm hmm," Blair nodded against his pillow, moving to adjust to the now two slick fingers in his body. "But that's okay," he exhaled. "My lover'll be home any time now and I like to be awake when he gets here."

Jim smiled against Blair's temple. "Oh, he will, huh? Guess I better leave then." He lifted his weight from Blair's back to adjust his erection.

"No, that's okay," Blair protested, then relaxed as Jim's hard cock slipped between his ass cheeks to press against his relaxed opening.

"Why don't you finish what you started," he moaned, arching up into Jim's pressure. "He's always late."

"Why's that, I wonder?" Jim whispered, moving his hips to press and then retreat, teasing Blair.

"I dunno, maybe he's getting something on the side," Blair moaned, trying to impale himself but unable to due to Jim's weight on him.

"With a hot piece of property like you waiting for him at home? I don't think so," Jim gasped as he plunged, full length, into his lover, forcing loud cries from the both of them.

"Oh, yeah, man," Blair groaned as he rocked up into the cock sliding out of, then into him. "Do it, man, do it!"

"Christ, Blair," Jim exclaimed, moving into a rhythm that he knew satisfied them both. "You are so hot and so tight," he gasped. "I can't last, babe. Do yourself."

"Already am, man," Blair panted as his hand worked frantically on his throbbing cock. "Already am!"

"Oh, God, I'm gonna come," Jim moaned, his body wrapped around his Guide's, his hips pounding relentlessly into Blair's ass. "Can I come in you?"

"Yeah, Jim, man, come in me. Mark me, man, make me smell like you," Blair babbled, matching Jim's rhythm. "Auauaugh," he moaned, curling into himself as he came, pulling Jim with him, the pair convulsing in tandem orgasms.

Breathlessly they lay, twinned together, while heartbeats and respirations slowed, occasionally arching into each other as over-stimulated tissues and organs reacted to each other.

Jim roused first to roll back and pull himself out of his lover. His chuckling made Blair stir.

"What's so funny?" Blair asked, rolling over to nestle against Jim.

"'Make me smell like you'?" Jim chuckled, gathering Blair to his side with one arm.

Blair blushed and shrugged. "Yeah, well, what can I say? I'm yours and I like the way you smell."

"So you want to smell like me? Shouldn't this be the other way around? Me, the caveman throwback, demanding that you smell like me so I can identify you? Not you wanting to smell like me. You should want me to smell like you."

Blair raised himself up on one elbow. "Hey, who's the anthropologist in this relationship, huh? If I wanna smell like you," he stopped talking as he rolled over and on top of his Sentinel. He began rubbing himself sensuously on Jim's body. "Then I can make myself smell like you."

Jim's chuckling broke into full-blown laughter. "But isn't this how you'd mark me as yours?" He asked, loving the sensations running through his body.

Blair shook his head as he rolled off of Jim and then off the bed. "Naw, man," he said as he sauntered around the bed towards the stairs. "I'd just pee on you."

"Sandburg!" Jim bellowed as Blair's laughter and running footsteps rang up the stairs.


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