By Audra Rose


Warnings: I hesitate to call this bondage. Let's go with restraint.

Notes: A continuation of Court Days. Inspired by Steven Walker's Ties.


"Then tie me up," Jim whispers.

With a half-smile Blair releases Jim's wrists and sits back, reaching out to loosen the knot at Jim's throat. Jim tries to help, tangling their fingers and the slippery fabric, and all at once he is remembering a different evening, not too long ago, when they were running late and he had grown impatient. He'd watched Blair struggle with his tie until finally he had eased up behind him to take striped silk into his hands and Blair into his arms.

Now Blair takes Jim's hands and gently pushes them back over his head before moving back to Jim's tie. Jim grins up at him and Blair smiles back, wondering.

"You're not good with ties," Jim says, and watches Blair remember that other night, too.

"So you tied it for me," Blair says, slightly indignant at the thought.

"I was tired of waiting. And you didn't seem to mind. You kissed me."

"I was tired of waiting, too," Blair murmurs.

Jim can't answer that because Blair is finally sliding silk free of cotton and leaning over to wind the smooth binding around Jim's wrists and the railing behind.

"Too tight?" Blair asks softly, face close and breath shallow against Jim's cheek. He feels Blair's fingers run gently over tender skin, quick to soothe an imagined hurt.

Jim doesn't trust his voice so he shakes his head slightly, then catches his breath when Blair settles beside him, reaching out to trace his profile with one finger.

"I love looking at you," Blair tells him, seemingly fascinated by the line of Jim's forehead and the slope of his nose.

Jim turns his head to look at Blair, licking his lips to answer, but finds Blair's fingertips pressed against his mouth instead. He understands he's not to speak, so he touches his tongue briefly to Blair's fingers and watches as Blair's eyes change.

All at once Blair is moving, rising over Jim to straddle his hips, thighs warm against Jim's sides. Jim waits for Blair to touch him again, but instead Blair is reaching for the buttons of his own shirt.

Jim watches as Blair slips each button free in a slow strip-tease Jim has never seen before, because usually he uses his own impatient hands to undress Blair. He stares at the vee of smooth skin and soft hair, remembering the exact texture of both, but it isn't until Blair's shirt slips off one smooth shoulder that Jim forgets and tries to reach. He loves Blair's shoulders, the hard curves that fit perfectly into his palms, the strength that Blair hides beneath loose flannel. Now Jim feels like it is his secret, too.

Regretfully, he takes one experimental pull against his bonds, and then settles back to wait.



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