What Dreams Are Made Of

By Ellisonbabe


Rating: NC 17

In a fit of bravado/insanity I'm posting this snippet, what I started ages ago and well, chickened out of finishing until said fit today. Please be gentle it's my first sex scene...and probably my last.


He had only dreamed about what was actually happening this very minute.

His lover's hands unbuttoning his shirt; cool fingers running over his skin, tracing every contour, every muscle; lingering over the spots which caused him to give an involuntary shiver.

He felt his lover's hands move down and grip his waist band, pulling their bodies closer.

He could feel the heat between them; intensifying by the minute.

He felt his lover's mouth find his, kissing him softly at first then harder and harder with the kind of passion that takes your breath away.

He felt the hardness of the metal door behind him; they were still in the corridor; reasoning kicked in and he reached behind his back and fumbled for the door knob. He found it and turned it, the door flung open and they both tumbled into the apartment. Somehow the door was shut and he found himself being pushed backward till he hit the work top.

Hands tugged at his open shirt, pushing it off his shoulders, an imaginary line was traced over his body by an inquisitive mouth and tongue; soft kisses fluttering over his chest, lingering over his nipples then tracing a path slowly downwards, stopping at his jeans.

He groaned as he felt the top button of his jeans pop open, his erection pushing against the denim, straining for release.

His lover straightened up and held his gaze.

He felt his lovers fingers tug at the remaining buttons, he caught his breath in anticipation as a hand snaked its way into the opening of his jeans, he groaned as he felt warm, naked flesh brush over his erection+ in one swift movement, his jeans were pushed off and the cool air enveloped his naked body. He shivered in response. A warm hand ran over his taut stomach and gripped the engorged shaft, he felt like he was going to explode, the fingers started moving up and down in a slow rhythm. His cock jerked in response, He moaned and gripped the counter top.

His lover ran one finger along the edge of his cock, he cried out, he was so close, he knew he couldn't take much more. He closed his eyes and tried to control the overwhelming sensations; willing himself to hold on, suddenly the hand stopped.

He felt his lover's mouth kiss his stomach and move downwards, he felt the wet tongue travel down his cock; licking the pre-cum off the tip. He twitched in pure desire.

His lover took him fully in his mouth. Instinctively they found their own rhythm, rocking back and forth until he couldn't hold back anymore and he finally surrendered himself to his lover's mouth, crying out his name as he came.

He knew that he'd never have to dream alone again.


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