By Moonglow


Rating: PG for language

Notes: First line taken from Obfuscation by Ozsaur.


When Blair came out of his bedroom wearing what Jim liked to consider his Seduction Clothes, Jim sat up and tossed his book onto the coffee table, mouth watering in anticipation. Not many of Sandburg's admirers would consider what he was wearing particularly seductive, but then they didn't have the same fond memories that Jim did.

Worn, thin boxers molded sturdy thighs and a sleeveless t-shirt sagged at the neck, revealing the furry chest that was usuallly plastered behind Jim's body in their bed upstairs.


"Hmm?" Blair looked up from the book he had his nose buried in.

"Find that book you were looking for?"

Blair looked down his nose over his glasses at Jim as he stated the obvious.

"Are you a Sentinel, Jim?"


"And that means you have exceptional eyesight, doesn't it?"


"Do you see a book in my hand?"

"Uh huh."

"What else do you see?" Blair moved closer, his voice dropping.

"Your 'Fuck me' clothes." Jim started stripping off his shirt.

Blair tossed the book over his shoulder and straddled Jim's lap.

"So why the fuck are we talking about books?"

"Beats me." Jim shrugged, sliding his hands under the baggy shirt. The neck gaped in front of his nose and he nudged it aside to get to the ring underneath.

"I don't know why you won't let me throw these out, Jim." Blair pulled Jims shirt off his arms and sent it in the same direction as his book.

"For the same reason you won't let me bin those leather chaps."


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