Sensory Stakeout

By Maaaaa

I'm naked, face down, spread-eagled and staked out.

Jim is prowling. He's naked too, and his skin is glistening with a fine sheen of sweat.

We're totally alone here, on private land, in the middle of the forest. Believe me, if a squirrel so much as cracked a nut within three miles, Jim would know and I wouldn't be in this position.

Sometimes our lovemaking is very romantic. Wine, flowers, music…the whole enchilada. Other times it's wham, bam…thank you man. There's a leather club we play at every now and then. Sometimes we just cuddle up together, and snuggle like teenagers before going at it slowly and passionately.

This isn't about any of that. This is about Jim, primal and needy.

My arms and wrists are immobilized by soft leather straps; my ankles are bound also, but there's enough slack for me to move my legs. But I don't move. Not yet.

Jim steps in front of me and folds himself gracefully onto his knees. I look up and our eyes meet. His are hungry, questing. I smile at him and close my eyes, granting permission. This is not about control or trust. He bends over and kisses the top of my head before slipping the silk scarf into my mouth, gagging me. He loves my voice. He loves the noises I make when we make love, when I call out his name.

But he needs to hear something else.

He's already made love to me with his eyes, but he continues his perusal as he studies my body from head to foot as if seeing it for the first time. I don't feel vulnerable or exposed under his gaze. And I know he never gets tired of looking at me.

Then he sniffs my hair and nuzzles my neck, taking in my scent, heavy with musk and herbal soap. His tongue slides out, and he licks at my skin. Slow, feline lapping glides across my shoulders and down my back. He nips my ass playfully, enjoying the taste of me and runs his tongue along the cleft of my cheeks.

I whimper quietly, low in my throat, and he begins to purr.

He straddles me, leans over me, envelopes me. I feel his breath on my back, and I shudder. He dips in closer, hovering, his skin just barely touching mine as he begins to rub against me. His cock is now erect and he's nudging my balls, seeking. He slides a hand along my side and pinches my right buttock. I move, working my knees up, raising my ass, opening myself to him. He moves with me, and the purring increases to a steady thrumming.

My whimpering increases, turning to yips and yelps around the confines of the gag.

His cock slides into me with one smooth thrust. The purring vibrates deep in his chest, travels through his abdomen and vibrates along the length of his cock.

I howl as I come, the only sound I'm able to make; the sound Jim needs to hear. This is the affirmation he seeks.

He thrusts twice and comes, purring my name.


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