Sentinels, shamans and Czechoslovakians
by Selena

“You know, Chief?” Jim grumbled, “It is so like Naomi to invite us down here and then up and leave after one day.”

“Eww, Jim. Don’t talk with your mouth full.” Blair said as he reached over to snag a fry off his friends’ plate. “And you know Naomi, never staying in the same place for too long, ‘sides I have always wanted to see this place.”

“This place? This is just a tacky diner.”

Blair rolled his eyes and pointed around him. “You know what I mean, this place, man. It’s so cool.’

“It’s a novelty, Chief. I never would pegged you for being into aliens.” Blair ignored him and started to dig into his baked potato. Suddenly Jim slammed his hand down on the table, making Blair and a few of the people around them, jump.

“What is it?”

“Those kids over there, they are looking at us again.”

Blair looked over to where Jim was indicating. Four teenagers, Blair took them as being no more then 18 were sat together at a booth by the window. They were huddled together, heads bent low, deep in whispered conversation. Occasionally they would cast nervous glances in their direction. “They are just kids, Jim” Blair said with a shrug and turned back to his meal. “Man, even when you are off duty you are on it. Just relax.”

Jim filtered out the sound of Sandburg’s continued conversation as well as the sounds of the other patrons. Carefully he concentrated, until.

“I am telling you there is something weird about that guy.” The boy with the shaggy brown hair said.

“Leave it, Michael,” The other boy said

“He is staring at me”
“That’s because you are staring at him”

“Maxwell, that guy just screams ‘cop’ maybe he is even a fed.”

“He’s not a fed,” The beautiful blonde girl said

“How would you know? And what is with the little guy?”

“Him I am not sure about. There is something about him, he feels, special.”

“Hey” The cute brunette girl spoke up “Do you think they are al . . . I mean Czechoslovakians?”

“No, Liz. But there is defiantly something different about them.’

“I gotta go” Blair’s voice cut loudly through Jim’s concentration making the man wince.


“Bathroom break” Blair got up and headed to the toilets. The blonde girl waited a few minutes before following. Jim was to busy trying to clear the ringing in his ears to notice her.

“Ow” Said Blair rubbing his shoulders

“Oh I am so sorry,” The girls said “I didn’t see you there, I really should be more careful. Are you OK?”

“Yeah, I’m fine”

“I’m Isobel”

“Blair” He said taking the offered hand and shaking it. Isobel smiled as an image flashed through her mind

“It’s nice to meet you, Blair,” She said. There was a strange tone in her voice that made Blair almost believe in the image he had just seen. “You take care of yourself. One day you are going to do something wonderful for the world.”

“Um, OK” He said moving away from her. He practically ran back to Jim. “Come on, man. We gotta go,” He said trying to pull the bigger man from his seat.

“What’s the matter, Chief?”

“Lets just go, I just had the weirdest vision, we gotta go now.”

Isobel watched the two men leave then she walked back to her friends.

“What was that about?” Max asked


“What are they?”

“I don’t know, they are special”

“Is that good or bad?”

It’s good. It’s very good”




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