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A/N: I started writing a piece about Blair watching Jim watch a storm, an exercise in description. Instead, I give you something called Sneezium. This should tell you something about my brain this week. ;-) (BTW, I haven't given up on New Beginnings, if anyone had noticed the absence of it for a few weeks, but I've been too busy to do it justice this week, and last week's challenge didn't fit in at all. But I'll get back to it. :-) )



"Jim! 'Sneezium' is not an element!"

"Well excuse me --" atchoo! "Doctor Sandburg, but I can barely --" atchoo! "smell anything with the sneezing it's given --" atchoo! "me, it's nothing I recognized before the mucous, and I'm --" atchoo! "finding it hard to give a shit!"

"Relax, Jim, it's just a test, I wanted to see if you could ID this substance by scent alone, but if --"

"I don't have the whole --" atchoo! "damned periodic table cataloged by --" atchoo! "stink, Chief."

"It's OK, Jim, it's not like this means you fail Sentinel school or anything -- it's amazing what you can tell by scent, and I was just checking this out."

"So what is --" atchoo! "it, anyway?"

"I don't know, man, I was hoping you could tell me."






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