So Doing It
by Castalie

As Jim came out of the elevator- more by reflex than anything, he opened his senses toward the loft, and like the eavesdropper Sandburg often accused him to be, he listened almost distractedly to what was happening inside. Of course, Jim always defended himself, it wasn’t eavesdropping if a) you weren’t really listening to what was happening but merely hearing it and b) you didn’t even do it consciously.

The Sentinel unconsciously relaxed when his senses told him everything appeared to be all right, and pushed the door open.

He smiled at the sight that greeted him.

His lover was sprawled on his back on the couch, head turned toward the TV, his legs bent and slightly spread. He was wearing comfortable sweats- riding low on his hips, Jim couldn’t help but notice. In his sprawl, his sweater and shirt had been slightly pulled up, displaying a delicious bit of skin. Jim zeroed in on the patch, and his mind started to think about the other parts of his lover’s body that were still hidden by the clothes, and how he was going to bare them very soon, and finally get the feast he’d been craving for the last eight days.

Blair had a bad case of the flu for the past week. He’d been one of the last ones at the precinct to catch it, but once he’d been hit, the poor man had been hit hard, and he had spent his time sleeping the sleep of the highly fevered, and being thoroughly miserable. In the last two days, though, Blair had been getting better, and Jim could tell it was finally over today. He took a discreet sniff- yeah, Blair didn’t smell either sick or like a walking --well sleeping was more like it-- medicine bottle.

The Sentinel hoped Blair felt rested enough, because he wouldn’t mind some sweet loving, and soon. See, he could be solicitous. The hot and dirty stuff, he could wait a little to get, he would just make long and slow love to Blair for now.

How lucky Sandburg was to have him for a lover!

Chuckling at his stupid thoughts, Jim walked to the couch.

Bending, he kissed him on the lips, smiling when the taste was pure Blair as well. “Hey Chief. You feeling better today?”

“I feel perfectly fine, Jim,” answered his guide with a smile of his own.

“Good.” The older man sat on the couch, running a hand along Blair’s still bent legs, and finally curving an arm around them, effectively trapping them. He kissed the denim-clad knee quickly to show he didn’t mean business- yet. His touch had been more soothing than arousing. As much as his cock wanted some action, he would be content with some relaxing first. They had all night, after all.

“So, you’ve been watching TV all day, babe?” Jim peeked at the TV, and smiled, “And having your characters fucking each other blind- again?”

“Oh please, Jim, even you can’t deny it. They are so doing it! Just look at their body language.” Blair was waving his hands in the direction of the screen where a blond guy was being pulled up from the floor by a clearly upset and worried dark-skinned man with Rasta on his head, who apparently didn’t know anything about the subtle concept of personal space, or maybe just didn’t care as far as his companion was concerned.

“Oh, that’s the show with the medium guy?”

Blair nodded absentmindedly, eyes riveted to the TV.

Knowing he would regret it, but needing some clarification about a point he was sure Blair had made the last time he’d watched the show, Jim had to ask, “What about this sheriff of yours? The buff guy? Didn’t you say he was doing your medium too?”

Blair wriggled a little on the couch, making Jim almost lose his concentration on the subject at hand. “Yeah, well, it’s easy to see, Jim, they’re both doing Johnny. Don’t know yet if they’re just sharing him or if they’re a happy threesome. I know they wouldn’t want to lose him, but I’m not sure they’re actually fucking each other- so I’d say they just share him, yeah... and watch, of course. They would love that.”

“Well, of course.” Jim couldn’t blame anyone but himself, he’d been the one to ask after all. Then he chuckled. “You’re such a perv, Chief. Why can’t you just watch TV the normal way like everybody else? You know, without any sexual subtext?”

“Come on, man. It’s not my fault it’s so obvious each time! And talk about subtext- all those characters, they’re practically all over each other, and all the time, too. And you would be surprised as to what people really see when they’re watching these shows.” He nodded to himself.

“All the time, uh?” Jim asked, with an amused smile on his face.

“All the time.” The younger man stretched his legs on Jim’s lap, smiling himself when he felt his lover’s hands running from his ankles to his thigh in a slow, sensual rhythm- to finally spread him a little wider.

“Skinner and Mulder? Jim, why do you think Skinner kept calling him to his office, uh? And can you imagine what Mulder could do with those pouty lips of his? Damn. Can you spell blowjob from under a desk? They were so doing it. And let’s not even mention Krycek. Read my lips, so doing it.”

Blair’s breathing started to get slightly erratic when the hand didn’t stop in its course but chose a path along his inner thigh. It didn’t stop him, though. “And Fraser and Kowalski? You remember Fraser, don’t you? We always claimed he was a Sentinel too. Fraser just looked too innocent for his own good. Those two? So doing it.”

Jim still hadn’t uttered a word, but his hands were doing the talking for him. He smiled smugly when Blair arched up on the couch. The Sentinel pulled the sweats down, and licked his lips when he realized Blair had gone commando. He left the pants at mid thigh and covered the rest of his lover’s body, pulling the shirt even higher, baring as much of the chest as he could. He bit at the neck presented to him.

“And what about Jim and Blair, Chief?”

Blair was already losing the battle with coherency as Jim started to stroke his cock in earnest now, teasing his hole and devouring his mouth at the same time. He gasped when his lover finally abandoned his mouth, and watched Jim slide down his body again and finally swallow him whole.

He had time for a last line though, said between pants. “So doing it, Jim.”



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