So, Squirrels?
by Dolimir


Sequel to: Rebirth




Well, he supposed it was better than ridicule.

“You’re, uh, not going to put that in the report, are you?”

“No, Jim. I’m not going to put the fact that I listened to a couple of squirrels to find a missing child in my official police report.” Blair shook his head. He knew he should have kept his mouth shut. “After all, I’ve obfuscated for three years about your abilities.”

Jim merely nodded, but Blair knew he hadn’t heard the last of Jim’s commentary.


Jim rubbed his tired face with one hand. The crime scene was spotless, almost as if someone had watched one too many episodes of CSI. “So, does the dog have anything useful to contribute?”

Blair tried really hard to contain his sigh. “He says his master buried a loud bone in the garden.”

Jim did a double-take.

“From his description, I’d say our murder weapon is probably under some cucumber vines.”

Jim’s eyes grew big, then without another word he walked out of the kitchen and into the backyard. The Labrador obediently followed him to the garden, then grew excited when he realized their destination. He ran ahead several steps and nosed the dirt, then looked expectantly back at them. Jim gently pushed the dog’s nose out of the way and brushed away the vines and newly turned dirt with broad sweeps of his hand. A few moments later, he reached for his pocket, withdrew a pen and held up the revolver for Blair to see.

Once the husband saw the gun, he confessed all. Jim read him his rights and had one of the patrol units take the husband down to the precinct for booking.

Silence permeated the cab as they both climbed inside truck.

“So, squirrels, huh?”

At least it was a start.




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