Steak dinner

By Moonglow11066


Rating: PG for slight kink.

Note: This is for Maaaaa, because she asked so nicely...


"You know, Jim, this fascination of yours with red meat is going to be the death of you one day." Blair's conversational tone was in direct contrast to the intensity of concentration he was directing towards the taut muscles of Jim's abdomen. The man underneath him let out a strangled groan as warm liquid was dripped onto him, followed by an even warmer tongue.

"It's not..going to be..the meat.. Chief!" Jim yelped and tugged at a bound wrist.

"You don't think so?" Blair mused as he looked up and checked the bindings that held his lover to the table. He ran gentle fingers over the silk ties and made sure they weren't cutting into Jim's flesh; there was no reason to cause any pain apart from the exquisite pain of anticipation, and Jim had asked for it, if only indirectly. He just hadn't expected to be taken up on it, that was all. Blair smiled as his tongue followed the trail of red sauce into the dip of Jim's navel and swirled it around, humming with satisfaction at the sounds Jim was making.

Jim had insisted on having the meal delivered to save either of them cooking, and as he was paying for it, he was the one who had chosen the rich burgundy laden meal of Steak Diane. Blair grinned at the irony of the dish, because that was the nearest either of them would get to anything female in the future.

"What are you grinning about, Sandburg?" Jim dialled down enough to get his breath back and strained his head up to see a dark curly head hovering over his groin, nearly losing it when he saw a pair of sultry blue eyes above a wicked mouth, licking a stray drop from his stomach.

"Nothing." A pink tongue swiped further down and Jim whimpered, arching into the touch as far as the ties would allow. He felt the soft cotton of the tablecloth cushioning his back, giving some relief to the friction burn he knew would have resulted from their impromptu session tonight.

They usually restricted this activity to weekends and the bedroom upstairs, and it was always Blair on the receiving end. For some reason, though, Jim had felt reckless and he should have known better than to tease his lover with flirting and sly innuendo.

He'd been laid out and tied down almost before he knew what was happening, and now Blair was punishing him for it. He whimpered again, and thought that this was the kind of torture he couldn't get enough of as Blair's finger's ghosted over his inner thighs, shortly followed by his mouth. He gripped the ties in his fingers and tugged experimentally; no hope of getting free; he'd taught his lover well.


"Jim?" he was immediately off the chair between Jim's spread legs and hovering over him, wondering if maybe he'd gone too far.

"Don't stop!" Jim growled and arched up again; surprised at the way he loved being at Blair's mercy. That wicked smile crossed Blair's face again and he bent over Jim, dipping a finger through the remaining sauce on his chest and bringing it up to his mouth. Sucking it in, his tongue swirled around the digit and then he dipped his head until he was nose to nose with Jim, watching with fascination as Jim's pupils dilated and his nostrils flared. Jim watched him pull his finger out of his mouth in an obscene gesture and it was too much. Throwing his head back, a shudder ran through his body and then went taut as he roared his completion, vision focused on Blair's mouth and the scent of combined pheromones swirling around them.

The gentle touch of Blair's hands on his newly released wrists brought him back to awareness and he opened his eyes. They were both sticky and the table was a mess, but Jim couldn't care less. He lifted a heavy arm and draped it around Blair's neck so he could help him up. Grunting softly, Blair helped him over the fireplace and lowered him gently to the soft nest of blankets. Firm hands massaged any residual ache from his back, legs and shoulders and Jim sighed, relaxing completely under Blair's tender ministrations.

"Okay, babe?" Blair's voice washed over him and he wiggled his fingers in response.

"That means yes, does it?" Jim could hear the indulgent note and smiled lazily.



"Hmm?" Jim managed to lift his head to stare at the naked man next to him. Blair slid down and cuddled close.

"That steak was a lot more fun than the usual ones."

"Does that mean you won't complain the next time I want Wonderburger?"

"Don't push it, Ellison," Blair yawned, "Wonderburger is not steak."

"So I can't have any more steak out?" Jim wrapped an arm around him.

"You can stake me out tomorrow." Blair grinned, returning the hug.

"I thought you said red meat would be the death of me?"


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