Stronger than words
by Ceci

He sat down on the bed and carefully opened the box beside him, and took out a stack of photos. A picture of him and his mother. Another of him and Carolyn on their wedding day. the last picture taken of his unit, right before they left for Peru. One of him and Jack. All of them memories of a life he had, at least in part, left behind. The next photograph brought a smile to his face - it was of the entire Major Crime unit at their last Christmas party. As he flipped to the last photograph, a key scrambled in the lock downstairs, and a familiar voice called out for him. The picture was left behind on the bed, revealing him and his best friend on a fishing trip. I really couldn't explain to him how much he and our friends mean to me. It's so much stronger than words could ever express, Jim thought as he walked down the stairs to help Blair with the groceries.





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