Too Much to Lose,

by Castalie



Kneeling on the bed, his legs tucked under him, Blair sitting on his lap, arms and legs wrapped tightly around him, Jim was slowly making love to his Guide.


Tonight, Jim had felt the need to be connected with Blair, deep inside himónagging at his mind, tugging at his heart, vibrating in his soul, and yes, in his cock too.


On the anniversary of Incachaís death, Jim, more than ever, had to face the truth about the past year.


Blair had changed.


He wasnít the only to feel it, strangers did as well; victims were drawn to Blair, people in need turned to him more and more, criminals calmed down in his presence- or got even more agitated. Even animals seemed to be pulled toward him. Jim saw all those changes in his lover, in his eyes, and never said anything.


He just couldnít.


He was scared. Scared of losing a precious part of the man he loved, of seeing Blair distance himself from him when the younger man felt pulled toward people who needed him even when they didnít know why. Jim couldnít stand the thought of sharing his Guide with everyone else, of not being Blairís priority. It was selfish and shameful. He couldnít help it.


Jim suddenly gasped as Blair clenched around him. His Guide was looking at him with burning intensity. He knew Jimís doubts and fears.


Jim kissed him and thrust almost roughly into him. Suddenly he felt himself fallólosing himself in his lover, in a warmth heíd never known before. He shuddered as it felt as if he was looking right through his Guide to something ancient, powerful, and so loving it hurt.


He thrust deeper still and let his orgasm crash through him violently. In those moments only did he feel like Blair was solely focusing on him, like Blair was once more *his* only. He could feel Blairís love for him : pure, raw, unaltered.


Jim kissed Blair almost reverently. He would overcome his fears, for both their sakes. He had too much to lose.





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