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A/N: Sappy little internal Blair-ramble, interrupted by Jim. :-) Not really polished, but I'll be out of town for the rest of the week and didn't want to miss submitting this, having gotten this far -- sorry!



How pathetically trite.

SJM ISO strong, silent type for beer in front of the Jags, walks in the rain, and hopefully more...

Somehow even the most mundane is special when it's done with you...

God, I'm a sap, a sap who's got it really bad.

"Don't forget your coat, Chief, it's started to rain."

Ah well, 'hopefully more' will just have to fend for itself -- this is good enough for now, trite or not. Better than anything ever, really, and if you aren't my partner, you're still the best partner I can imagine.

Yep, total sap. But it's OK.





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