Villainous Dreams
by Kayra42


edit.. I forgot to credit the very important source for the story. My mom was watching McGyver this weekend and well, the bad guy had a very similiar set up. Combine that, with this week's challenge and one trouble-prone anthropologist and a story was born. :)



Blair tugged at the restraints, his movements becoming frantic as the realization of his plight became clear.

"Jim! Help!" He yelled, his panic filled voice echoing back at him. "Anyone! HELP!!"

"No good, Sport." A hulking figure loomed over him, a dark shadow falling across Blair's bound figure. He felt his hair grabbed and his head was jerked painfully back to stare up at his captor.

Chapel grinned evilly, "This is a sound proofed room. Evidently the docs didn't want to hear the screams of their patients. They would lock the people like me, the psychos in here for shock treatment." Blair was released and a hard slapped to the back of his head caused him to see stars. He moaned at the pain.

Laughing, Chapel moved around the room, until he was in Blair's line of sight, standing at the foot of the tub where Blair sat bound. Blair watched warily as the madman leaned over, something large and metal in his hands.

Chapel attached what looked like a large metal heater to the inside of the tub. Then with a leer, he reached over to rest his hand on a facet. Blair swallowed, his mind racing with what was going to happen.

"You see, they would put the patient in that tub with a heater just like that. Then they would turn the cold water on like this." Chapel turned the handle, starting a slow stream of water into the tub. "The water would slowly fill the tub, of course numbing the patient. Then when it reached the heater, BANG!" He slapped his hands together with a shout. "You'll heat up fast enough."

Eyes wide, Blair jerked at the thick restraints around his wrists. "You can't do this! You're dead!"

"Blair. Blair." The smooth voice of Lee Brackett reached Blair as the former agent stepped out of the shadows. "What a mess. How could I ever have thought you were a real Guide. You're nothing but trouble. Let the man help you. If he can help you, you can be of real use to Ellison."

Blair jumped as soft hands caressed his face. Maya's voice whispered in his ear. "Blair, you betrayed me. No one betrays a Curasco and lives.

"Maya!" Blair tried to protest, but the woman shoved a gag into his mouth, securing it tightly with a strip of tape.

"What did you do that for?" Chapel roared, stepping forward. "I want to hear him scream!"

As the two fought over the young man, Blair shivered against the ice cold water, watching it slowly rise towards the bright red coils of the heater. Where was Jim?

"I really didn't want to have to do this." A cold voice interrupted Blair's thoughts. He looked up to see Alex Barnes staring at him. "But I can't leave you alive." She reached over and turned the facet until the water rushed out, quickly filling the tub. Blair shouted against the gag in his mouth, closing his eyes as the water reached the bottom edge of the coils. The world went white then faded to darkness.

* * * *
"Blair?" The worried voice of Jim Ellison broke through the silent dark. "Come on, Chief. Wake up for me."

Blair worked to open his eyes, the voice of his friend reaching him. He tried to move and when he couldn't he eyes flew open. "Jim!"

"Easy, Chief." Jim caught the young man before he could fall off the bed. "You've been sick remember? Your temperature skyrocketed and we had to work to bring it down. At the moment, you're tangled in a bath sheet."

Sick? Temperature? Bath? Blair lay quiet as Jim worked to untangle him from the sheets. When he could finally move his arms, Blair gave a sigh of relief. "My temperature?" He whispered.

"Shot up to 103. Simon was here and we got you into a cool bath. The doctor came and checked you out. That was two hours ago. You've been out since then." Jim explained.

Blair felt sleep take control and he lay back against the soft mattress. "Thanks, man." He mumbled as he felt Jim gently pat his arm.

"Any time, Blair."


January 2004



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