Watching the Dance

By Heidi

Carolyn watched them. Watched how they were with each other. She knew about Jim's other side. The side that had him liking a man's body as much as he liked a woman's. Blair she wasn't so sure about. But from the way he was with Jim had her guessing that he too liked men as much as he obviously liked women. Or maybe she should say, he liked Jim, because she'd never seen him with other men.

She couldn't help but smile at the way Jim indulged Blair even if he looked put out about doing so. But it was the way he touched Blair when he didn't need to. The way he looked at Sandburg when no one else was watching him. It was like she was watching a dance. They way the moved together almost unconsciously. They way they parted and found each other again. She hadn't seen them together since Blair first appeared and they definitely hadn't been like this then.

It was all the little things that told her so much more than words. She knew Jim. She knew the signs of him having feelings for someone. Except. From what she could tell he hadn't taken that final step, unless he'd gotten better at hiding it than he had before. And with him headed toward her maybe she'd give him a little nudge in the right direction, because she had a feeling he wouldn't take that step on his own.


"Jim," she acknowledged with a smile.

"I thought I'd find you off in the middle of the old crew."

"I needed a breath of fresh air and then just decided to watch everyone," she answered, but in truth she was just watching him.

"Trying to figure out who is sleeping with who?"

She couldn't help but laugh. It was an old game of theirs at get-togethers when more than just their shift was present. They would see if they could figure out who was dating whom. "Not really, although I know one person who isn't sleep with the man he should be," she commented not looking at him.


Shaking her head, she couldn't believe how dense he could be. "You and Blair," she answered.


She waved off his protest. "I can see it Jim. I *know* you. And I can see it in him. You should remedy that," she told him.

"I'll think about it."

'Typical of Jim', she though as he walked away rather than continue the conversation. He always did that when he didn't want to talk about something. "I dare you," she whispered and watched as he swirled around to look at her. Her message had been received.

However disappointing it might be.


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