Winter is Fine

By WoD

The water is dark and soothing, shrouded only in the barest of ambivalent light. The only sound is your own breathing, and the swish of skin-warm water against your body.

Blair found this place after Sierra Verde. It's not the temple, he said, but it can't hurt to try. And it doesn't. No visions haunt you here. Just you and your thoughts floating in the dark.

It's even better when Blair comes and sits by the pool, letting you wrap yourself in his heartbeat. One of these days, you dream about taking him into the water with you, to feel the slide of skin against skin, to taste Blair's throbbing pulse against your cold lips.

Blair thinks the difference between you and Alex is you didn't go back for a second dip. Blair thinks Alex lost her way.

He doesn't know you had him, and he is your way.


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