What He Wants and Needs

By Alia


Rating: R for what's suggested (though nothing actually happens - sorry) Warning: bdsm suggested

First lines used: Close to It by Persephone, Obfuscations by Ozsaur, Skin to Skin by EE, and French Kisses by Maaaaa.


The craving always hits him when he least expects it but when Jim entered the loft and immediately took notice of his guide's elevated heart rate he knew what kind of evening his lover had planned. Blair was in his room under the stairs - the room that remained Blair's sole domain even though he now spent his nights sleeping in the loft with Jim. Jim was absolutely forbidden from encroaching on this, Blair's … lair (for lack of a better term) which was fine by him - he had no desire to interrupt any of Blair's preparations in there.

In fact, he longed for the evenings he'd come home late and Blair would be in there, his heart beating that special rhythm, or the nights they'd come home together and Blair would give him that look before walking silently in there alone, closing the door behind him for a few agonizingly suspenseful minutes before they'd begin. Tonight, as always, he knew how much he wanted and needed what Blair would be giving him when he came out.

He quickly deposited his keys in the basket by the door and stored his gun and badge in their lock-box. Picking up one of Blair's books that lay on the counter he tried to act casual as he settled himself on the couch eagerly waiting for the festivities to begin.

The first time they'd explored this particular aspect of their partnership had been the most mind-blowing experience of Jim's life. It started with Jim's new leather jacket - who knew it would give Sandburg such delightful ideas… Jim never looked at leather the same again…

When Blair came out of his bedroom wearing what Jim liked to consider his Seduction Clothes, Jim sat up and tossed his book onto the coffee table, knowing such an action would only add to the mood and Jim wanted to give him as much inspiration as possible.

"Lock up," Blair ordered, a paddle and padded leather straps in one hand, his black leather bag of 'toys' in the other. "Then strip and get into position. We have a long night ahead of us. It's been a long week."

Jim jumped up, hurrying to obey - eager to get out of his now uncomfortably tight trousers…


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